.xxx Domain Makes Porn Site now easy to block

Lets face it, without the introduction of .xxx, there are millions of porn site that exist in the internet. So why is the big fuzz for.xxx domain. Yesterday,6 Nov 2011,  hundred thousand of porn website with .xxx domain are alive!, which is good. Personally, I think by putting the porn website egg in one basket make the job easy for webmaster and parents.

What are some new opportunities offered with .XXX domains?

Its a whole new world for adult webmaster. They can pick millions of domains name that suit their site. Domains that were unavailable in the dot-com world are suddenly ready to buy.  The possibilities for new domain names are endless. Why do we have to worry, as long as its .xxx we know its a porn site.

According ICM Registry, they even provide free malware protection from McAfee for all.XXX websites. As we all know, this adult site are full with malware and trojan if you like to download porn. (Nope, I am not speaking from my experience haha). So now it safe to surf porn?


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