Make DraftSight work with Ubuntu 11.10

DraftSight for me is the best replacement for AutoCad. But when Ubuntu user upgrade to 11.10, they will face problem when  installing DraftSight. There is some problem with dependency .   However, there is easy fix for that just install manually the dependency package from Ubuntu.

So if you want DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.10 32bit you have to:

  • Download and install manually the dependency package from Ubuntu.
  • Install DraftSight
  • Alternatively use the terminal: sudo dpkg -i DraftSight.deb. Before that you may have to install libdirectfb-extra and sendmail manually. (more…)

Donation to Support Linux Mint Development

My first Linux OS is Ubuntu after accidentally install it using wubi. But my main Linux OS is none other than Linux Mint. Julia was my first, and now I am using Katya. (Linux Mint 11). I have to admit that my laptop is quite old(2009), so only Mint can offer me stability and compatibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use Ubuntu and its a great OS. But if you read Mint blog, I was so touched that they even display 1 dollar donor. This is to show that they are really thankful. That is why I decided to donate from my PayPal account. Its easy to donate from PayPal, just provide your PayPal email account and PayPal will do the rest. I do get some money from links selling on my blog, so a dollar or two to donation is not much.

My point here is that, if you like and use Linux Mint or other Linux OS, remember that you use it for free. The development team work hard for it. They have to pay for programmer, developer and hosting. Donate a dollar or more to them will help them to continue provide this great OS for free in the future.

So if you think you have some extra money to donate to them, just go to Linux Mint  and share some love. You will get a lovely banner to impress your friends like I did : ).

My Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot with Gnome 3.2

Just upgrade to latest Ubuntu release Oneiric Ocelot 11.10. My first  impression was WOW! no more bugs. Actually I am a bit disappointed with Natty Narwhal Ubuntu 11.04. Lot of bugs and crash with unity and even gnome. Canonical team has worked hard to improve Ubuntu 11.10. Kudos to them.

Unity works smoothly and Gnome will not let you down. If you would like to try them just visit to download.



Puppy Love on My Office PC

There is one PC in my office, HP Pavilion with 256 RAM running Windows XP.  Its really slow and nobody want to use it. With low RAM its only can run one process at one time. You can have a Teh tarik in order to wait this PC to start hehe.

So I decided to change the Operating system using Ubuntu or Oshirix.  Unfortunately even Ubuntu minimum requirement for RAM is 512 Mb. Oshirix is 256 Mb but still too slow.I tested both using Live CD. Nothing appear when test with Ubuntu Live CD. A little succes when test with OShirix but still slow and I am not satisfied with it performance.

Later I decided to test  Puppy Linux the one of the lightest of other Distro Linux. It works well. The latest version for Puppy Linux is 5.2. Did you know with Puppy, you can install it on memory card, USB and CD. With Puppy, you can do a lot of thing. From recovery, removing malware and back up your file. You can read more here.

puppy linux

Dual Boot : XP and Puppy Linux

I decided to install  a dual boot for the computer just to be safe. The concept of create a dual boot is simple.

1. Create and resize your exisiting partition to a new ex2 using Gparted.

2. Install Puppy linux in the new linux/ex2 partition

3. Install grub on the partition and walla you will have a dual boot.

All of this tolls, Gparted and grub are all in Puppy Live CD so no need to worry. With Puppy you can install Chrome and many free application. Work lite and fast. This HP Computer is working fine now with Puppy linux. I suggest you guys to downlaod this Puppy Linux not only to test this lite OS but as backup. Let say you want to repair your windows or remove malware. Download will only take 15 minutes since its only 127 MB. Downlaod and burn in your CD. You will never know when you need it.

p/s Lately I have been sitting in front of 2 pc or laptop. One running Windows and one with Linux. Awesome 🙂

Open Office vs Microsoft Office

The Culture

When we buy a new laptop, usually it is preinstalled with original home Vista. Sometime the sale person will offer to install other software for free such as Office, Adobe, CD software and etc.

in my case, when I bought my DELL laptop I asked the guy to install me everything that he have for “free”. Free aka pirated software. Yup, I know its illegal but  as long as my Vista is original then all my software doesn’t have too rite.

Unfortunately I really have  a bad habit, I will update anything that need to be update and will  fix any update message and error I prefer all my software and OS to be updated. Why it is bad ?

When I run update for my WIndow ,I accidentally click update to Microsoft Office :). You know what happen when you update online your pirate software, you will busted by Microsoft  online police. This time it’s called OGA, Office Genuine Authentication.

Microsoft police will detect the pirated software and show every time I use office. It will remind me that I maybe a victim of software pirate whom kidnap me and force me to install their software hehehe.

Short Solution

Even I tried to install a fresh cracked Office, OGA still recognise my software as illegal version. Then I search for OGA Remover, 🙂 . Well I did find one and there is no more warning message. Then when I get a new update, the same thing happen again. Plus, sooner or later, Microsoft will soon fix this crack and I need to find a new crack version of OGA. So this things will keep move in a circle. I need to find a complete solution.

Ease of Mind

At last, I decided to fully use Open Office. Because I don’t want to end up l like my Project Manager, when his adobe professional reader crack version was not working during a presentation. Everyone can read the warning message for not using the original version.

Image via CrunchBase

Lesson to be taught

I am in the process to fully use Open Office to replace Microsoft Office which is quite challenging but not impossible. It’s all begin within your mind. For your information, the Goverment sector are also switching to Open Office to cut cost and support Open System here in Malaysia. My wife from MAMPU  has started to use Open Office since last year.

Hopefully Education Minister can implement Open System Education to our kids soon. This need to be exposed when their are young so that they can learn that Microsoft is not everything 🙂

Image via CrunchBase

Currently I am using Foxit FDF Reader, Firefox & Chrome Browser, Open Office , VLC Media Player and GIMP.

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