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So Small and Cheap

Do you ever imagine that one day, you can fit your computer into your wallet ? That is what David Braben trying and I believe already achieved. A computer with a size of credit card and so cheap around $25 – $35. The price is depending on how much RAM you specify. It is called Raspberry Pi developed by Frontier Development. Currently in beta and already on sale on e-Bay for charity.

You can watch the video below to appreciate the performance of Raspberry Pi.  According to David, Raspberry Pi can run Linux OS with LXDE, run internet browser, movie and Open Office. Don’t be surprise, it can even run Quake 2. Performance is not an issue here.

What I like to point out is that with the combination of small hardware and linux we could do a lot of things. This device might be a stepping stone to a greater things. (more…)

How to Convert PDF to Doc using Google Doc

Nowdays it is easy to convert word document to pdf. But how about to convert pdf to document. Most online application that i found, only convert the pdf into image file and paste into your word document.

It is really useful to have document converter in order for you to fill in official form, tender submission or edit hardcopy paperwork. Google Docs can save you a lot of time.

1. In order to use Google Docs , you must have  a valid google account, if not, just register one.

2. If your pdf document is quite big, make sure it is divided into 2Mb per file. So just print to pdf, 5 pages per file.  This is because Google Docs will only convert your file maximum size 2Mb.

3. In upload setting, you can choose either to covert your file to Google Docs format or convert text from PDF and image files to Google Docs. Just tick all, start upload.



Rezeki comes from Allah SWT

Last month, I helped a former officemate to supply and install Microsoft Office 2010 to government agency. Basically I helped him with e-perolehan process and provide documents for Delivery order and Invoice since he use our company letterhead and MOF license. The project went well. He supplied and installed successfully.

Takde Rezeki

Payment made thru our company account and my boss need to write cheque for him. Then I was the one who bank in to his account. The BIG question here ? Should I get some commision ? I did not expect to get some cash. (Ok I lied, come on at least some gratitude for my petrol and hardwork )

He did asked for my bank account BEFORE I deposit the money to him. After that, he said that my boss will give commission to me. Come on, if my boss that generous I wouldn’t bother to write this entry ok. Anyway I just said to myself that “takde rezeki”. I know that you cannot have big margin for IT products. That is what I was being told.

Anyway, please don’t cry this is not a sad story. hehe. Allah SWT is very fair to all. Remember ” Rezeki” does not come from your boss, Government Officer, your ex officemate or others. It comes from Allah SWT. So yesterday, I accept an offer to put links on my sidebar. Just because my blog is PR4 out of nowhere.

So bottom line here , work hard , be grateful and always pray to Allah SWT for “rezeki” . I leave you with  Maher Zain “InsyaALLAH”. Enjoy the lyrics and song.

Open Office vs Microsoft Office

The Culture

When we buy a new laptop, usually it is preinstalled with original home Vista. Sometime the sale person will offer to install other software for free such as Office, Adobe, CD software and etc.

in my case, when I bought my DELL laptop I asked the guy to install me everything that he have for “free”. Free aka pirated software. Yup, I know its illegal but  as long as my Vista is original then all my software doesn’t have too rite.

Unfortunately I really have  a bad habit, I will update anything that need to be update and will  fix any update message and error I prefer all my software and OS to be updated. Why it is bad ?

When I run update for my WIndow ,I accidentally click update to Microsoft Office :). You know what happen when you update online your pirate software, you will busted by Microsoft  online police. This time it’s called OGA, Office Genuine Authentication.

Microsoft police will detect the pirated software and show every time I use office. It will remind me that I maybe a victim of software pirate whom kidnap me and force me to install their software hehehe.

Short Solution

Even I tried to install a fresh cracked Office, OGA still recognise my software as illegal version. Then I search for OGA Remover, 🙂 . Well I did find one and there is no more warning message. Then when I get a new update, the same thing happen again. Plus, sooner or later, Microsoft will soon fix this crack and I need to find a new crack version of OGA. So this things will keep move in a circle. I need to find a complete solution.

Ease of Mind

At last, I decided to fully use Open Office. Because I don’t want to end up l like my Project Manager, when his adobe professional reader crack version was not working during a presentation. Everyone can read the warning message for not using the original version.

Image via CrunchBase

Lesson to be taught

I am in the process to fully use Open Office to replace Microsoft Office which is quite challenging but not impossible. It’s all begin within your mind. For your information, the Goverment sector are also switching to Open Office to cut cost and support Open System here in Malaysia. My wife from MAMPU  has started to use Open Office since last year.

Hopefully Education Minister can implement Open System Education to our kids soon. This need to be exposed when their are young so that they can learn that Microsoft is not everything 🙂

Image via CrunchBase

Currently I am using Foxit FDF Reader, Firefox & Chrome Browser, Open Office , VLC Media Player and GIMP.

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