Google Adsense vs Nuffnang

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Last week, I had a fruitful discussion with Papa Bear about our online income. We try  to compare two online income that are proven but different, Google Adsense and Nuffnang. As we know Google Adsense tend to work well with English content with high paying keywords. As Nuffnang, I have been told that only local IP will be count in. Meaning traffic from Malaysia only will be turn into money.Source from Mr Akubetul


Damia Anura,My inspiration

That explain why my wife’s blog, The Other Side of ME, earn more than my through Nuffnang. Even the statistic show that my number is better than her. So right now, I have to choose and focus on either Nuffnang or Google Adsense. As majority of traffic from this blog come from outside of Malaysia.As I am active with Entrecard. If I want to earn from Google Adsense, I have to post entry in English. Ok this is where my problem lies, my English is not that good to capture more audience. Yup, I have to admit. It is really important to be comfortable with your entry to attract more reader and make them to revisit your again.  I can’t do that with my English writing.

That is why I got to reactivate back my old blog in Bahasa Melayu, to attract more local Blogger. With this blog, I can write freely and within a short time. As for English blog, I have to do some research and draft first. Sometime it took 2 -3 days for me to write one post. I am not like you guys or Papa bear that can write as simple as that. I need more time to think the right and exact word to explain my points.

All this while, I thought you can only make money through English blog, but Nuffnang prove me wrong.As a lot of my friend earn a lot of money through Nuffnang with Bahasa Melayu blog. It takes me 2-3 months to earn my USD 100 through Google Adsense while my friend earn RM 500 – RM 600 per month. The keyword is traffic. There is no point to write about popular keywords if you fail to capture and mesmerize your visitor. You need to be unique and touch your visitor’s heart.

What leave this blog ? No la. I will still maintain this blog it just that I will focus more on my traffic.Share my experience on blogging and making money online using Google Adsense.Adsense is quite challenging, you can earn more through clicks or high traffic. As for now I need to restructure this blog to focus more on Adsense while on Nuffnang.

So, no matter what language do you write, just make sure you are good at it and attract high traffic as to monetize your blog or site will be easy. But if you blog just for fun, its up to you as long as you happy with it. :). Happy blogging  and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers.

SEO Experiment with Amber Chia



Last week, I happened to buy a Harian Metro, a local Malaysian newspaper. As usual it just ordinary news untill I saw a small picture of Amber Chia on top with the title “Amber Chia pose topless in Hong Kong”. :).

Amber Chia  is an Malaysian model. She was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, but grew up in the city of Tawau, in Sabah, East Malaysia. She began her modeling career at seventeen, after being discovered in Kuala Lumpur, where she was working as an accountant. Chia gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch’s brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest.

So I quickly move to the news and read the whole story. Of course there are no topless picture of her, but the author described very detail about her picture. So, are you thinking what I am thinking ? (more…)

Type of People who click your Google Adsense ad

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Intro : As a blogger you should aware that other blogger, internet marketer, IT Guy or webmaster won’t click your ad rite.

So true, because they know that you will earn some money hehe. It is important to identify who will come in to your website and click your ad. People will click your ad if he or she does not know at all about Google Adsense. Nowadays, every home in Malaysia is equipped with broadband Internet. Just name it Streamyx from TM, wireless broadband from Maxis Broadband or Celcom .People even use a dial up to connect to Internet since every house at least own a pc. So there is a big opportunity for us grab this increasing traffic.


A good comment for Proton

Gen 2

i got this comment from one of my blog, and I think its better to share with you all.

I don’t know what went wrong with proton since day one of their operation. It seems that they do not have any ideas on designing cars. I personally do think that there are thousands of design produced by their R&D, but is being rejected. I don’t see why must a car with the same generation had to have their predecessors parts to save cost.

I’d like to give and example of one particular big seller in Malaysia..”WIRA”. Just because this car was marketable, it doesn’t mean that this car was bought because of the product it self. When proton discover that WIRA can make money they make new models like satria, arena… on the road when you see this cars you would say it is WIRA.. there’s no significant changes made to the design although the model name does not sound like.

Buyers now have the lot’s of choices, they want change, identity and unique. Generally sedan car should be a bit exclusive look rather that sporty look. If buyer want’s a sporty look on the sedan, they them self will send their car for make-over to the accessories no matter who is the manufacturer of their car. This happens because of the need of individuality and uniqueness of their personal belongings..(but beware JPJ is watching).

According to proton’s CEO this model is their turning point model in restoring Proton’s prestige where within the past years have been bashed to the drain. Personally I think this is another disaster model. The only way for proton to regain it’s dignity is produce a real limited edition supercar which will gain international acknowledgement.  I don’t think that this is hard to achieve since Lotus is a subsidiary of proton, and further more there was reported that a particular supercar ™ design was transferred ownership from Lotus to Proton.

This supercar design also was reported being seen on the road testing (paultan) . Definitely proton will not gain profit by producing this car, but International motorist will start acknowledging porton as a good car manufacturer as good as Lotus. Proton also should involve more in motoracing internationally to boost up confidence of the potential buyers that malaysian cars are good and tough.


Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

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Apakah maksud merdeka kepada anda? There are a lot definition, that we can find. But what really does it means to you. Freedom,Peace, Independence. My six years nephew understand it by waving our Malaysian flag is merdeka. How about us ?

I have the time to watch several movies Bukit Kepong,Lieutenant Adnan, Sergeant Hassan and Paloh during Merdeka celebration. It’s really hard to live at that time. We even need  British soldier to protect us. The inferiority has weaken the Malay people to unite and gain independence. The war against Japanese and Communist has has take a lot of live of our brave soldier , police and people

Has it been 50 years now that we gain independence ? The new generation now should be really thankful and grateful.   I would like to take this opportunity to thanks every single person that has been contributed for Malaysia’s Independence. Now, its our responsibility to maintain the stability, contribute rapid development of our nation and live in harmony. Don’t ask what the country can contribute for you, but what can you contribute for your country


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