.xxx Domain Makes Porn Site now easy to block

Lets face it, without the introduction of .xxx, there are millions of porn site that exist in the internet. So why is the big fuzz for.xxx domain. Yesterday,6 Nov 2011,  hundred thousand of porn website with .xxx domain are alive!, which is good. Personally, I think by putting the porn website egg in one basket make the job easy for webmaster and parents.

What are some new opportunities offered with .XXX domains?

Its a whole new world for adult webmaster. They can pick millions of domains name that suit their site. Domains that were unavailable in the dot-com world are suddenly ready to buy.  The possibilities for new domain names are endless. Why do we have to worry, as long as its .xxx we know its a porn site.

According ICM Registry, they even provide free malware protection from McAfee for all.XXX websites. As we all know, this adult site are full with malware and trojan if you like to download porn. (Nope, I am not speaking from my experience haha). So now it safe to surf porn?


I choose UNIFI over ASTRO

It was a hard decision to make, but without internet my life would be dull. The apartment that I moved in have no Streamyx service, only UNIFI. I want Astro for Sport channel and NCSI plus Criminal Minds.

I cannot afford both its too pricey. The minimum subscription for UNIFI is RM150. My previous subscription price with ASTRO was RM90++ (Standard, WARNA and Sport). Money is the issue here. UNIFI also have its own TV service called Hypp TV, so I think why not give it a try. Bye bye ASTRO.

Let see what does UNIFI provide you with RM150 monthly subscription. Free phone call to fixed line all around Malaysia and 10 cents per minute flat rate to any mobile number.

HyypTV – The terrestrial channels are TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV and TV9. Additional free cable channels include Bernama TV, Hikmah, Channel NewsAsia, Luxe.TV HD, Euronews, DW-TV Asia, Australia Network, Bloomberg TV and The Travel Channel.

With internet speed at 4mbps you can do a lot of thing with it. You can watch movie online on Youtube or live telecast. Especially Korean movie and EPL highlights. Plus you can even watch live EPL match game smoothly.

One more important thing, you can download your favorite movie within 5 minutes. Make sure you set your DNS setting to Google DNS.


Operation Malaysia

Beware Malaysian, now Anonymus the famous hacker that hack for political purposes has turn their intention to Malaysia. I believe this got something to do when SKMM decided to block sharing site like piratebay, fileserve and etc. Action by SKMM has sparked the online news all over the world.

From Jun 14, 2011


Pirated Software to Fund Notorious Drug Cartel in Mexico

DigitalTrends.com reported that according to Microsoft associate general counsel David Finn, La Familia Michoacana an elite gang in Mexico makes profit $800 million annually by selling pirated software and  counterfeit products. Coincidently, I just finished watching NCIS Season 7 where Gibbs final confrontation with Paloma Reynosa, a cruel druglord in Mexico. So i can imagine how notorious they are.

The New York Times recently reported that one of the most notorious and violent drug cartels in Mexico was using counterfeit software as a “low-risk, high-profit complement to drugs, bribery and kidnapping.” The article stated that the cartel distributed the software through thousands of kiosks, markets, and stores in the region, and demands that sales workers meet weekly quotas, describing the operation as a “form of extortion” on locals.

La Familia Michoacana also make sure that all the local vendors to met sale expectations and put “FMM” logo (Familia Morelia Michoacana) on thier counterfiet products. According to Finn, the logo which also featured on the pirated office 2007 not only effect Microsoft’s reputation but also make consumer uncomfortable.

pirated software on market

via nytimes.com

Pirated DVD in Malaysia

How about here in Malaysia? Do drug lord or ah long aka loan sharks behind this counterfeit products and pirated DVD movie ? What do you think? . Selling pirated DVD movies can make a lot of money easily. The price of the DVD can be just 20 cents but they sell it for about RM 10 each. So who do you think is behind this “cetak rompak” and pirated software ?

Of course they are criminals, and we who bought the counterfeit products actually support their activity. If the drug cartel can make millions of dollars in a year, I believe the people behind this pirated dvd can make millions of ringgit too. Also bare in mind that, consumer who bought this pirated DVD also can be charged.

Open source is the solution

I just gonna to say this once, buy original or get open source software. Don’t buy pirated Window or office, sooner or later Microsoft will detect and keep bugging you which is kind of annoying. Just imagine that the money that you use to buy this pirated DVD will be use for criminal activities like drug activities and gangsterism. Can you live with that?.

There are a lot of opensource software that are FREE to use and download. You can even asked them to mail you the installation DVD such as Ubuntu. There are OpenOffice that is as good Microsoft office and Ubuntu which is better than Windows : )

Beware of Scam from Unit Kad Kredit Palsu

The Central Bank of Malaysia logo.
Image via Wikipedia

This entry is to create awareness among us that these fraudsters will become more creative to get your bank account number, PIN and password. Last time they use Petronas and Akademi fantasia as a bait. This time they use Bank Negara as their latest trick.

The latest modus operandi of the scam is as below:

1. Victim will receive a telephone call from a ‘bank’ to confirm a credit card transaction for the purchase of goods made oversea to be charged on the victim’s credit card. If you don’t have that particular bank’s credit card, they will convince you to believe that someone use your identity to apply for card credit. This will be depending on how much info they have about you.

2. Then the fraudster will advice victim to call Bank Negara Malaysia’s “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu”.  The fraudster will provide the phone number off course!. The fraudster accomplice aka Bank Negara “officer” will entertain victim. At this stage, the Bank Negara “officer” will request for bank account details, PIN number and other information in order to illegally transfer out form the victim’s account. There are victim who even tranfer all their money to third party  account for “safe keeping”. yeah rite!


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