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My friend used to say “Treat your blog like your shop, your reader as your client and you as a shop owner. As a client, what do you expect when you come to a shop ? “

  1. Easy to find your shop – Join a lot of social networking
  2. Fast Service – Fast loading
  3. Neat and proper arrangements of products – Clean layout
  4. Good customer service – Please reply your user comments 🙂 (more…)

Increase Income with PayPerPost


Last night while trying to make my daughter sleep, I received an email from PayPerPost™ that my application has been approved.So , immediately I run to their blog to move to my next move..hehe

WHAT IS PayPerPost™

With PayPerPost™ advertisers are willing to pay you to post on topics. Search through a list of topics, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid. It’s that simple.So this is a big opportunity for a newbie like me to start making money online.

Main benefit of PayPerPost™

  • Yes,eventhough you don’t have your own website, you still can make money without any specific skills. By going online from home and the most important thing is just willingness to spend time completing offers.
  • Its true,income generated from PayPerPost™ can be enormous. According to the forum threads and blogs I’ve read over the past few months, you can make a minimum of $100 to $2,000+ a month. Just imagine by spending some time writing and post something that you might like and earn extra cash.So,what are you waiting for.From what I heard,PayPerPost™,getting this amount of monthly income is possible and can be achieved with effort

Some Wiki about PayPerPost

Google has recently downgrade Pagerank of all blogs with Text Link Ad or PayPerPost™ Blogger. Too bad, as I am a newbie, so I don’t mind actually being downgrade. A lot of famous high rank Bloggers have bent over to Google even though they know that PayPerPost pay them more.They just afraid to loose their page in Google.

For all of you just read here on what Maki have to say in his Dosh-Dosh Blog about Pagerank and PayPerPost™.





Making Money Online, Terms Introduction


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Understanding the TERMS

Well, you have to agree that to understand how to make money online, you have to know the rules and the terms. So my first step is to understand the terms first. I did some research and find this at cwire. Hopefully it will help Beginner Blogger like me.

CPA (cost per action)
Advertisers pay once an action that has been previously defined occurs. Depending on the action, this can be the riskiest for a publisher and holds the least amount of risk for the advertiser (since it knows exactly what it is paying for and only pays for specific actions). Commission Junction connects advertisers and web publishers together and provide a platform for them to interact on a CPA basis.

CPC (cost per click)
Advertisers only pay when a user clicks on an ad. CPC campaigns shift risk to the publisher, as the publisher only receives payment when a user clicks on an advertisement. A publisher may have to show millions of impressions without receiving payment if users do not click on the advertisement. An example of a good CPC campaign is Google’s Adsense or Bidvertiser or Ad Brite. .

CPL (cost per lead) – See CPA definition.

CPM (cost per thousand)
The most basic way of measuring internet display advertising. Advertisers purchase impressions from publishers and pay on a “per thousand” basis. For example an advertiser may purchase 1,000,000 ad impressions at a $10 CPM, the total ad buy would be for $10,000. CPM campaigns benefit the publisher the most, as they have no risk, all of the risk lies with the advertiser (they are paying regardless of whether or not an action by a user occurs). An example of a network that pays affiliates on a CPM basis is Ad Brite.


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