Linux Mint 12 “Lisa” , A new hot chick in Linux Town

Why You Should fall in LOVE with Lisa

I like Lisa not just because she offers you different desktop environment but Clem and Co knows really well what end user want. Mint new environment MATE is a great transition to Gnome 3. MGSE in the other hand want to make sure user are familiar with Gnome 3 . Their hardwork had been paid off, now Mint is the most popular Linux Distro base on DistroWatch.

One thing, about Linux is you have the freedom to choose for  what is best for you. That is the idea, so to PC user maybe you can try Lisa for free of charge. Just download her at Linux Mint. (more…)

Donation to Support Linux Mint Development

My first Linux OS is Ubuntu after accidentally install it using wubi. But my main Linux OS is none other than Linux Mint. Julia was my first, and now I am using Katya. (Linux Mint 11). I have to admit that my laptop is quite old(2009), so only Mint can offer me stability and compatibility.

Don’t get me wrong, I still use Ubuntu and its a great OS. But if you read Mint blog, I was so touched that they even display 1 dollar donor. This is to show that they are really thankful. That is why I decided to donate from my PayPal account. Its easy to donate from PayPal, just provide your PayPal email account and PayPal will do the rest. I do get some money from links selling on my blog, so a dollar or two to donation is not much.

My point here is that, if you like and use Linux Mint or other Linux OS, remember that you use it for free. The development team work hard for it. They have to pay for programmer, developer and hosting. Donate a dollar or more to them will help them to continue provide this great OS for free in the future.

So if you think you have some extra money to donate to them, just go to Linux Mint  and share some love. You will get a lovely banner to impress your friends like I did : ).

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