Download RM 500 Cash Aid Form Here

I believe million of Malaysian are searching  for RM 500 Cash Aid Form. Guess What I have the image of the form that you can download and print. So you can refer and prepare for it.

The official cash aid form can be download from treasury website, but until now (1:03 am, 10 Dec 2011) still not available.

Update 11 December 2011, the Form is available now. You can download it here, treasury website.
Alternative Download form here

Maybank2u Phishing Email


Just last week I received another maybank2u fake e-mail :

Maybank security systems detected a serious (PR2) security problem in Maybank server and Currently been updated.

Your account must be updated for accept a new Maybank interface and will be stricted due to several invalid login

attempts from an unauthorized third-party. Your immediate attention is required to Update your account. Please be

informed that your account will be temporarily closed if not update now..

Update with Below link

click on url or just copy and paste the url address

Thank you for Your Understanding and support

First all, their English is worse. Much worse than mine hehe.

They tried to create panic towards online customer by saying that Maybank2u security has been breached. So user will straight away click the link without checking. They moron just have nothing better to do I guess. So PLEASE don’t EVER trust/believe email asking for your online banking id and password. It doesn’t matter either Maybank2U, PayPal, CIMB Click or any other online banking. Just contact your bank directly to confirm.

Maybank does not send out any e-mail or SMS requesting customers to provide personal banking ID or PIN or credit card information. Please do not log in through website links contained in emails supposedly from Maybank or other institutions. Be alert or you may fall victim to a financial scam.


In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication

According to Maybank, there are 20 phishing site that want to steal your login id and password. Beware!. So I need to update Maybank about this

For Any Suspicious Email or SMS

Protect yourself from being a victim of email or SMS scams! If you receive suspicious messages, contact Maybank hotline immediately at 03-5891 4744.

SEO Experiment with Amber Chia



Last week, I happened to buy a Harian Metro, a local Malaysian newspaper. As usual it just ordinary news untill I saw a small picture of Amber Chia on top with the title “Amber Chia pose topless in Hong Kong”. :).

Amber Chia  is an Malaysian model. She was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, but grew up in the city of Tawau, in Sabah, East Malaysia. She began her modeling career at seventeen, after being discovered in Kuala Lumpur, where she was working as an accountant. Chia gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch’s brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest.

So I quickly move to the news and read the whole story. Of course there are no topless picture of her, but the author described very detail about her picture. So, are you thinking what I am thinking ? (more…)

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

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Apakah maksud merdeka kepada anda? There are a lot definition, that we can find. But what really does it means to you. Freedom,Peace, Independence. My six years nephew understand it by waving our Malaysian flag is merdeka. How about us ?

I have the time to watch several movies Bukit Kepong,Lieutenant Adnan, Sergeant Hassan and Paloh during Merdeka celebration. It’s really hard to live at that time. We even need  British soldier to protect us. The inferiority has weaken the Malay people to unite and gain independence. The war against Japanese and Communist has has take a lot of live of our brave soldier , police and people

Has it been 50 years now that we gain independence ? The new generation now should be really thankful and grateful.   I would like to take this opportunity to thanks every single person that has been contributed for Malaysia’s Independence. Now, its our responsibility to maintain the stability, contribute rapid development of our nation and live in harmony. Don’t ask what the country can contribute for you, but what can you contribute for your country


Sepetang bersama En Betul dan En Sukun

Semalam aku lepak dengan kawan lama aku, Dood aka Mr Right dan En Sukun. Perbincangan di restoran melayu tersebut berkisar dari bolasepak Malaysia yang baru melangkah ke final Pestabola Merdeka hinggalah kepada blog.Dari sebatang rokok ke sebatang rokok ada lah dekat dua jam lepak. Minum air segelas jerk sampai kena perli dengan taukeh restoran masa nak bayar hehehe

Tangan tu penting

Mr Right yang menyaksikan perlawanan antara Malaysia dan Singapura cukup bangga menceritakan kejayaan dan pencapaian Malaysia. Namun kejayaan Malaysia dan keghairaannya tidak dapat dikongsi bersama dengan pembaca-pembaca blognya akibat luka lama di Piala Asia.Janjinya untuk tidak lagi mengulas tentang bola sepak Malaysia kini memakan diri . Pada aku, pasukan Malaysia sukar untuk disandarkan harapan. Apabila sokongan padu diberikan ,ketika itulah peminat seringkali dikecewakan. Anyway, semoga kami tidak dikecewakan lagi.

Final Pestabola Merdeka: Malaysia vs Myanmar : Stadium Shah Alam.

Malaysia BOLEH!

Trend blogging dikalangan masyarakat Malaysia kini berkembang pesat.Even any new update akan diletakkan di blog masing-masing. Termasuk lah kawan aku ni Dood aka Mr Right. Marah betul dia apabila mengetahui aku tak tahu yang dia sudah membeli kereta baru. Nampak sangat lah aku dah  lama tak baca blog dia. Walaupun aku yang bermula dulu dengan blogspot ni, dan aku juga yang terlibat mmberi tunjuk ajar kepadanya  d   i awal pembabitan di dalam berblog ini. Namun kini, blog dia sudah ada ramai peminat setia. Bayaran pun sudah banyak diterima hasil iklan di NuffNang. En Sukun pula baru saja berjinak-jinak di arena blog dan menerima ramai pengunjung di blognya.  We discussed a lot of thing about blogging. Dari menjual baju untuk menarik pembaca hinggalah kepada menjual ebook.

Sempat berblog di opis aku

Mr Righ  sempat juga  memberi tip-tips kepada kami tentang cara-cara untuk meningkatkan trafik di blog kami.The best thing about him, he can describe in details that makes you feel that you are in the scene.Thanks to him and En Sukun. We share alot of tips and brainstorm a lot of idea.

Mr Right sedang memberikan tips dan petua kepada En Sukun.

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