Appreciate Your World,Sing With Me

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  • Sometime by dropping entrecard everyday,reading blog on making money online,participate in top forum and blogging make me tired. Yes really tired, mentally and physcally.Thanks to National Geographic for providing thisĀ  sweet video. That make me smile and want to sing along.

  • Sing with me guys and relax your mind

I love blogging , I love making money online..huppi yada huppi yadaaa

I love Google Adsense , I love the whole world .huppi yada huppi yadaaa

Thank You, Nuffnang for the first Cheque

My first cheque finally arrived last Friday just after a few days announced new price of petrol. It’s quite a relieve since I need to work harder now to make money online in order to cover my petrol expenses.

Well after waiting for quite some time, lost in mail case and post ticket and exchange a few emails, finally I received my first cheque from Nuffnang.I would like to thanks Rob and Samantha for their cooperation and help to resolve and sort out my problems for getting the cheque.


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