Chrome will bite Firefox and Internet Explorer


Well, well..there is new browser in town.Initially my first thought it was another Mozilla product but it turns out to be Google first browser.

Chrome as a in blue chrome color and it’s logo similar to a Pokemon’s  ball. I downloaded it today and installed in my Acer laptop with Vista and my Office PC with Window XP.

My first impression is, Chrome will be a trend setter in Future Internet Browser. It is totally different than Internet Explorer and Firefox. I am no expert here to tell you about the design and coding, but you can read the Chrome comic book to understand better.


It is still in beta but I can say that Chrome is built for speed, stability and security. I noticed that many still hesitate try it out. Don’t worry just give it a shot, you will like it.

The Video

10 Features of Google Chrome that you must know.

The Benchmark
You might asking Chrome performance compare to other browser right ? . 
For me speed is everything in internet browser 🙂
Done by one of ZD staff . If you still not impressed and still want to use IE and don’t even want to try Chrome, then you might have to check your  grey hair and ask am I that old hehe. Just kidding.
Hopefully they will includes adds on in the future and my favorite toolbar like Entry Card Toolbar and Zemanta tools will availbale for Chrome. Download Chrome at Google Website.

Mouse shortcuts for Firefox that you don’t know

OK if you know it just laugh at me :). It just that I am too impressed with this shortcuts after reading it at JeetBlog. Actually he talks more on keyboard shortcuts which is very useful. I just want to concentrate more on the mouse shortcuts. So I did some research on mouse shortcuts.

Did you know you can do amazing thing with your middle mouse (scroll) button. Apart from just scroll up and down. These shortcuts can increase your browsing productivity, trust me.



How to convert your reader to Firefox and make money

Did you know that Google Adsense has a referral program which will allow you to earn up to USD 1 everytime you refer one new user to install the Firefox browser.

So, lets calculate now, and do some math. If your blog traffic, let say you have 2 to 3 hundred readers everyday , and half of that is using IE,and by using the right way you an earn the USD 100 or more just by convince your user and make them convert to Firefox.How ? Easy !

  1. Let them watch this ad first hehe

  1. Just like selling a product, you must show how good is your product rite, so let’s convince them first.Why do you have to use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer?
Improved Tabbed Browsing

-and IE copied them

Spell Checking
  • prevent typo in your post
Search Suggestions

-will suggest the best match word with your search

Session Restore

-If you close the firefox by accident, they will restore it for you.

Web Feeds (RSS)

-If you like certain website such as mine (heheh), you can click the rss icon and subscribe it. Easy rite

Pop-up Blocker
  • What can I say more about this ? Prevent pop up while surfing is such a relief.Just forget old days when you use IE and have to close a lot of pop up advertisement
It is FREE, and how is that sound for you.


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