Get RM500 Cash Aid Application Form this 10 December

Hurry! Hurry ! Grab your application form this Saturday. The Federal Government is kind enough to provide cash assistance, a one-off, a total of RM500 to Malaysian with household income of RM3,000 and below. To those eligible you can get the application form this Saturday, December 10, 2011 for a period of one month at Government Agencies and Inland Revenue Board Malaysia .

This aid is a sign of concern for the Government in an effort to help ease the rising cost of living : )  or maybe a signal that General Election is just around the corner.

Are You Eligible ?
The head of the family or household, whether male or female, is eligible to apply for the aid. These individuals include:
– Married, including children who marry and live with their parents;
– a single parent with dependents;
– Individuals (single, widowers, single parents) single with dependents, and
– lonely elderly
-. Head of household self-employed are also eligible to apply.
The most important thing, household income must be RM3,000 or below.
This assistance is expected to benefit about 5.2 million households or 79.5 percent of all households in the country. This grant involves budget allocation of RM2.6 billion. (more…)

Letter from LHDN


Letter from LHDN
This truly is a classic!!

True story…

A taxpayer called up the LHDN (Inland Revenue Board) in Terengganu, and asked for Form B. The LHDN clerk who answered the call asked for the address to send the form to. The conversation goes:

LHDN CLERK: “Boleh bagi alamat encik?” (Can you give me your address?)

TAXPAYER: “Hantar ke Ranhill Worley.” (Send to Ranhill Worley)

LHDN CLERKI: “Ranhill… eja macam mana?” (err… How to spell Ranhill?)

TAXPAYER: “R.. for Rumah… A for Ayam.. N for Nangka… H for Holland… I for itik… L for lain-lain….” (spelling)

LHDN CLERK: “Ok.. nanti kami hantar ke alamat tu” (OK, we will send to that address…)

After waiting for a week, the form arrived – have a look at the address on the envelope!!!

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