Trusting your online friend?

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Just a few days ago, my friend in India asked me to help him to purchase a software to encrypt his PHP code.

He told me that his credit card is not valid to purchase the software. He said there is rumors that some merchant don’t accept credit card from India. He offers to pay me using PayPal.

So I just followed his instruction on how to purchase the software.  On the last page for payment option, I saw PayPal button. I thought he might want to scam me. So I explained my findings. To his surprise , he said that he cannot find any PayPal option on the website.

Instead he gave me his PayPal user id and password. At first i was quite reluctant since he had to give his PayPal details to me. He replied that he only have a few buck, so it will be no problem. So in the end, I just use his PayPal to pay the software.

I am not sure why there is no PayPal option on his side. Maybe its true may be not. Either way you should be careful and double check. Actually I was willing to pay since the amount is only USD 20 plus I barely know him. He is just my online friend.

So will you pay for your online friend ? 🙂

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !

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Apakah maksud merdeka kepada anda? There are a lot definition, that we can find. But what really does it means to you. Freedom,Peace, Independence. My six years nephew understand it by waving our Malaysian flag is merdeka. How about us ?

I have the time to watch several movies Bukit Kepong,Lieutenant Adnan, Sergeant Hassan and Paloh during Merdeka celebration. It’s really hard to live at that time. We even need  British soldier to protect us. The inferiority has weaken the Malay people to unite and gain independence. The war against Japanese and Communist has has take a lot of live of our brave soldier , police and people

Has it been 50 years now that we gain independence ? The new generation now should be really thankful and grateful.   I would like to take this opportunity to thanks every single person that has been contributed for Malaysia’s Independence. Now, its our responsibility to maintain the stability, contribute rapid development of our nation and live in harmony. Don’t ask what the country can contribute for you, but what can you contribute for your country


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