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My previous post, Updating your status in Twitter using Twitterfeed. But now I want to share with you guys a new tool that can be use to update all your social network and blogger. Man, this tools make life more easier 🙂 allow us to use up to 20 plus Social Network. The picture shows all social network that I use to update my status from Twitter to Yahoo 360. I use this tool to increase my blog exposure to all my friend and hopefully increase my traffic. It just impossible to update and tell all all your network that you have post new entry rite. So will get all the jobe done for you.

Unlike twitterfeed, you have to type your message in and you can choose to post the link on all your network or on selected network.

Triggers System

The trigger system make it easier for you to post on different have broken down the services into  three groups; blogging, micro-blogging and status updates. 

You can control how your messages are posted as well as where. If you don’t include a trigger from below in your message, your message will be delivered as your default method. 


@s message – Posts a status update
@b title^body – Posts a blog
@m message – Posts a micro-blog 

If you are posting a blog, be sure to include the ^ seperator in your message or it won’t be delivered to your blogging services.

Lets get more traffic and click from all your social network. Don’t worry it is not spam, just updating your status 🙂



Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog!

Wheadphones_72hat do you do  if  you want to write about this specific niche but Tammy here explains better than you, hmm. Take his article and post it in your blog :). Relax guy, it’s legal ok and it’s free. Where to find it ?  WAHM e-zine. Just find your favorite topic and click. Anyway you can submit your article and increase your traffic too. Readers who like your article will post and link to your site. Interesting ?


Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog! by Tammy Embrich


Blogging has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. There are more and more blogs created everyday on a vast array of topics. Both personal and business.

If you own a website, then you know how difficult it is to get exposure to it. Creating a blog is one of the best resources there is today for receiving that exposure.

Like anything else…it takes hard work on creating interesting content on a new blog and getting traffic to it. Focus on your website or business when creating new posts and always try and add something new everyday. Try and connect with your creative side…we all posses some level of creativity! Give it a try…you just may surprise yourself at what you manage to conjure up.



75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic

Nope, I am not going to list it because writing mood sickness has struck me again,:(. So I would like to share here 75 really good tips for me, you and every blogger or webmaster should know about how to increase traffic. Just visit

damia susu1

Maybe you shoud add two more :

Join entrecard and post your blog in craiglist



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When your wife is POPULAR than you?

What would you do ? Simple ,ask her to write a blog and make money hehe 🙂

My wife, a government servant work in Putrajaya. I met her two years ago when she only knew about yahoo messenger.I introduced to her to Friendster just for fun and at that time I have a few hundreds friends. After one year, her friends are up to thousands and need to open a second account.My Friendster still at that number.

At that time, I don’t really care,about her popularity until I met my friends and his girlfriend. I introduce my wife to my friend’s girlfriend, she was so excited and told me that she already knew my wife through Friendster. Ok, maybe just a coincidence. When we went to Mamak Stall, and her Friendster’s friend message her that she saw us and wearing this and this. Ok that is, this got to stop. I just have to agree that she is quite popular in Friendster.

She once told me that her page per view was 500 per day. Wow! i only got 20 – 30 per day only. I said to myself if only I get that much traffic , my adsense account would be full with number and not zero :).

It take some time for me actually to persuade her to jump over blogging from Friendster. She do not believe that we can make money trough blogging. My friend from has received a few cheque from Nuffnang.So, why not we give it a shot. My wife has the traffic and I have the tech know how hehe.

I setup a Blogspot for her is easy to setup and user friendly, so my wife would not having problem posting her blog. After teaching her basic technique on posting on blogspot and upload picture. She is up to go.

Aleeya01 is more about her life, our newborn daughter, gossip artist in Malaysia and women stuff. After a few months her traffic is increasing and manage to attract advertiser from Telekom Malaysia and LG. Not so bad ehh. My blog is up for nearly a year, nobody want to advertise hehe. Poor me.She always brag about that, and I always remind her “Do you remember who thought you about Friendster and Blogspot” hehe


My wife and my 31 days newborn daughter

Her dedication and focus are the key factor.(Plus a handsome and smart hubby hhehe.) That make her so special.Plus, that’s why I married her lorr.Love you sayang..

SEA Game Korat, domain typo ?

A friend of mine from point out to me, a Southeast Asian Games Korat website that’s look kindda weird since the theme is green. So I run some analytical investigation (CSI) hehe..:)

1. The fake website look like these :


  • It has a lot of Adsense Ads and a lot of ads
  • Has some info on the game, but not that detail
  1. The original website of South East Asian Game :


See, the domain name is quite the same.The site owner sure has done his home work well.Similar domain name, make reader accidentally jump to his site. In addition, the sea games currently in Korat, Thailand will be search and goggled by thousand of user in South East Asia including all participant county like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and etc


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