Why You Should Focus on Organic Traffic


I am going to say this once, your loyal readers will not click your Adsense Ads. Why ?. For a start, they know you will earn money for it. So off course your friedn will not click your Adsense Ads, hehe. Just kidding. Why your loyal reader will not click your AdSense Ads is most probably because of ad blind. In other words they worganic trafficill automatically skip and ignore the ads.

So who actually will click your Adsense Ads ? Simple it is from organic visitor. NO they are not plant or bio organic kind a thing. Its actually user who search on Google for specific keyword like “How to Be Rich like Lankapo” haha. So if they end up on my blog, they will read my content and will click other link to get more information. This is where your AdSense Ads should be visible and blend with your blog theme to make it CLICKABLE.


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