How to get ATTention in a Blogger’s Gathering

Hi guys,

During my first blogger gathering, I was a bit shy and prefer to speak only with my wife.Which is not the best thing to do. Since it was my first, so I did some observation and note down things that I should do next time to make more friends and increase traffic to my blog.

1. Take picture with famous blogger,say hi,exchange ideas

– Well you should know the most popular blogger, as for me I would love to take picture with Kak Red from, Lilian from or even VP from viruspaducom 🙂

– OK there must be popular male blogger like KennySia, that you shouldn’t miss if they were there. Be polite and asked for picture won’t cost a thing rite. In fact this is the best way to get notice fast online.

2. Distribute your blogger card

– If you don’t have it , jut drop by to a printing shop and create one box of your official blogger card, it wil cost you less than RM 30.

– People will easily visit your blog with the correct url as stated in your card rite, so no more typo error in finding your blog url.

– Same like a business card, it will show how professional even you are just amatuer. Your new friend will sure be impressed.

3. Wear your special shirt that display your URL of your blog.

– Seriously, I found this tip is practical, since I noticed a few blogger wear black T-shirt  with their blog URL at the back.

– If you can out your logo than that would add more cream to the ice cream 🙂 . At least your regular visitor will notice you on the spot. As online picture with real one is not usually the same. As for me, I will look more “leng chai” if face to face than my online picture hehe

4. Be friendly with everybody shake hand and smile always

– This is a straight forward tip, since be nice to everybody will attract more blogger to get to know you.

– My first mistake was unable to start a conversation, that is my main weakness. I usually think 100 times about topics to talk about,untill  some people think that I’m an introvert. Well I can talk about a lot of things just don’t know where to start and can be funny sometime.

5. Participate in a talk,answer question fast and always raise up your hand.

Seiously, I did’nt know that you will get goodies/gadget when you answer simple question in a talk session. Well, I know that you do get goodies but not all questions, so I ‘m a bit shocked.

– Next time, I will prepare myself with some info and do some research about the event and the sponsor off course. I will always raise my hand and get the chances to introduce myslef to everybody and win some goodies.

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries
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– Win a competition in that particular gathering, that would add a strawberry in your ice cream of exposure :). I did win a consolation prize in that gathering, and I bought a lot of books from MPH Alamanda Putrajaya.

– In short, just enjoy your gathering, chat with others and smile 🙂

Write because You Love It

Back in 2006, my intention to blog is to explore something new and just for fun. Since it is free like Blogspot and Plus, it’s really cool when you can tell your friend or chicks to visit your blog at rite ?. I am quite popular at that time. 🙂

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

So when l heard and confirmed by my colleague that you can make money online using Adsense , Nuffnang (Malaysian Ad Network) and others ads network, my intention totally changed to money now. So I just write what other blogger already done. Things like “Increase Your Traffic”,”Improve Your SEO Ranking” or “Make Money Online” are too saturated in this blogsphere. That’s add my blog to million of Making Money Online blog and just a John Chow wannabe. How can I tell other what to do when I am still a newbie too just like them.

Feeling Inspired

After reading How to Find Your Passion by Glen Allsopp from , I was inspired. I never look blogging the same way again. I should find my passion instead. The author guide you to find your inner strength and what you suppose to write about rather than following others foot step. Make your own.

Recently, I  only manage to update my blog once a week. Totally blank.I cannot think of something new on making money online, struggle to find the motivation to write and to come up with post ideas. Now I want to write all about my experience along the way on making money online, blogging tools and plugin that I want to share and anything that make me feel good by  sharing it for benefit of others. Sharing and not teaching, remember that.

My experience when I shares about using Tune Card was totally worth it. I manage to earn money through Adsense unintentionally and get high SEO ranking for the keyword of Tune Money and Tune Card. My post on experience using Tune Card, a prepaid Visa card to cash out money from PayPal become popular since I was the first to blog about it.

FYI, It took 12 month just to get $ 2 through Adsense, but only 2 months to reach $100 when I post about tune card. See,when you post a unique content that benefit others, money will come after that.

Lesson Learned Here

So if you want to be popular and become authority in your niche, be unique and share your experience and knowledge that will benefit others. Not just writing and following what already being told. Your reader will be like “I have seen that before”, “hey, I already read that in ProBlogger” hehe.

When you are expert at certain thing, you will write like a river flow . Ideas will keep coming. Remember money will follow  when you capture your reader intention.They will keep coming back to hear more from you. Just make sure you enjoy the excitement through blogging, because that is more important.

We can find a job,make loan or marry to a rich husband/wife to get money,but happiness is precious.

If you don’t enjoy blogging, then switch your niche ” lankapo

Secret Meeting With Tune Money’s CEO

Our secret meeting objective is to merge Show Me The Money with Tune Money , so it will become Show Me The Tune Money. Our first meeting was cancelled due to unavailability of Tune Money CEO, Tengku Zafrul.
Finally,the meeting was held on 30th July 2008 at Hush Bangsar but have to be relocated to Chilis due to security reason. Since this meeting is top secret, a few  FBI agent is spotted at Hush area.

Venue : Chilis Bangsar

Attendant : lankapo,

Tune Money CEO,CFO, Business Development Vice President and PR Manager



John Chow in the house-Entrecard Spot

John Chow has bought an Entrecard spot in my blog “Show Me The Money”. Thanks a lot John, I really appreciate your support.I am so happy that a big and famous blogger like John has visited my blog and decided to support me by buying my Entrecard ad spot. Not that bad my blog, rite ? :).Hopefully I can be like him one day.


5 Steps for Adsense Optimizations

Google Adsense Guide Step by Step to Successful Adsense Optimizations Video.

Please lend me 10 minutes of your time to help improve your Adsense Earning. Trust me this video won’t disappoint you.

The Australian AdSense team has put together a step-by-step guide to optimising your AdSense performance. The video clearly cover:

1. Analysing your webpage
2. Creating custom channels
3. Determining best ad design and placement
4. Maximising ad units on a page
5. Tracking and measuring your results

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