Anybody want My Free Google AdWords Voucher


Last week I received 2 RM 150 FREE Google AdWords  Voucher . When I tried to register with my old Google AdWords account, it doesn’t work. The voucher only works with new Google AdWords account. So if you want my RM 150, just let me know. I will give it FREE. I  got only one so first come first serve.  (The voucher valid RM 150 until May 7 then it will become RM 100 until 28 May). I just want to maintain one account only. Easy to track and monitor payment.

I have been using for quite some time Google AdWords but my account suspended for empty debit card :). But I already solved that by using my new Gold Credit card. So far, the traffic from Google AdWords is great. You will be charged for the click you got. So no worries. For the type of payment, you can choose prepay or using credit/debit card. (if Debit Card, make sure you have enough balance 🙂

For prepay, you have to bank in first around RM 40 before you can start your first campaign.


Method of payment is easy since you can pay using PFX as your e- payment channel. You can use local banks like Maybank, CIMB, Bank Islam and Public Bank. SO NO worries. Only RM 40.

In order to attract new visitor thru your ad, make sure you write a creative ad. This is essential to get click. Google AdWords  will provide tools and guide to new user. Trust me its easy to set up your campaign ad.

4 Benefits of Google AdWords

  1. Get people to search for your product to come to your sale page/website
  2. PAY only when someone clicks on your ad. Means no CLICK no MONEY even you have placed it for one week.Full control of your budget. You can set maximum click per day.

  3. Show your ad at potential customers that will be interested in your product. You can target your customer, Malaysia, Asia or US.

  4. Easy to create in just minutes. This free voucher is the right moment to test Google AdWords.

If I am not mistaken, Google is currently promoting  free voucher for new signup. You can check it at Google Adwords .

Happy Blogging!

Display Only High Paying Keywords

I came across Turnip Blog,while fulfilling my duties on dropping my Entrecard 300 per day which I never make it.

Turnip mentions method to filter your Google Adsense’s Ad from MFA (Made For Ad) site and spammed sites.It is actually the combination of Adsense Filter List and service called Adsblacklist.In return, you will get higher paying key words and make more money online per click. From my experience, the highest keyword that I get is $ 1.20 per click. Imagine if I can get that keyword for 10 click per day, wouldn’t that be cool. More bling bling for me



Use Tune Card to register with Google Adwords

Do you know that you can use Tune Card to activate/register your Google Adwords. Google Adwords is another way to increase your traffic. It is a Pay Per Click, for every click you get you pay to Google.

Google need a credit card, debit card or prepaid visa card as method of payment. There are two ways you can pay for Adwords, either Post Paid or Prepaid.

Google Adwords even have Starter Budget as low as RM 10 per month, so why not try it out. I already register my account with Google Adword and start my first campain.You just pay for every click that you get.It is easy to set up and really cheap.


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