Download Opera 11.60

What is you favorite internet browser ? What are you looking for when using browser? Speed, stability, addon?

My favorite browser of course, none other than Chrome. But I still install Firefox and Opera on my laptop. So it will be easy to open different Google account for reader and Adsense.

I prefer Chrome not just because it speed but I totally rely on Google service. For example, Gmail, Google Reader and Google Calendar. So Chrome blend well with all this service.

Anyway, Opera has released it latest Opera browser 11.60. So you might want to give it a try. For me, Firefox, Chrome and Opera has more or less have the same speed. For more detail comparison, you can check ZDnet comparison in details.

Plus you can check Opera mail, a built in mail reader with new clean interface.

Look at all the features available in the Opera browser. Opera is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and can be downloaded for free from


Beware of Sexy Girl Online, It Might be a Black Hat Technique

If you happened to check online advertisement about a girl looking for intimate relationship and asking you to send her an email, be extra careful it might be a BLACK HAT SYSTEM technique.

I took a few hours last nite to read and understand a Black Hat Technique e-book, its quite interesting. It show how a man weakness is being exploited by other people to earn a lot of money. Sometime it’s funny when a man will get excited and willing to do anything just to get know a girl he met online.


The Modus Operandi is quite similar. Seduce a man using a horny girl as a bait to click a link and eventually this poor man will sign up for affiliate product or service. (more…)

Add Twitter Gadget to your Gmail

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There is new Gmail gadget in town. Guess what you can embedded  Twitter inside your Gmail account. It will let you view your public timeline and auto refresh every 3 minutes.

You can also view replies, direct messages and post updates. Before you use Google Gadget, make sure you have enable custom gadgets in Gmail where you can find it under Labs page under  Setting.

After that, you just insert the URL via the news “Gadgets” link you’ll have under Settings – – then enter your Twitter ID and Password.

Since I will open my Gmail first when I’m online, I can post and reply my twitter message at the same time. Save my time and click. Because I have many thing to click and drop when I’m online ;).


TwitterGadget is a clean, robust, web 2.0 style client for, designed to eliminate the need to install third-party applications to monitor and submit status updates to Twitter via your iGoogle homepage.

TwitterGadget is completely AJAX based, meaning, at the user-specified refresh interval, only the status update content is refreshed in-line, on the gadget page. This means reduced bandwidth utilization between you and, while providing for a more user-friendly experience.

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Customize your Gmail with Google Labs and Emoticon

I have been using Gmail since the day it was born.That was a couple years ago. Impressed with it storage, until now I use  Gmail and Yahoo as my main email. I even introduced Gmail to my company and open Gmail account for my boss :).

I remember a friend from HK send me a post card for gave her an invitation Gmail Link. Google marketing strategy by creating invitation link to sign up for Gmail was a big hit. At that time, there were  people who sell invitation link on Ebay. Can you believe that.

Image via CrunchBase

Today, Gmail has improved a lot.Introducing chat function, label and pop mail. Recently, Gmail has introduce emoticons and Google Labs such as calendar,chat image and Google Docs that can be embedded at the side bar.

So now you have 3 to 4 function in one Gmail. You can add easily all your task and reminder at your calendar. So, have fun with Gmail 🙂

Update : To get latest detail update on Gmail, please visit Gmail: What’s been keeping the Gmail Team Busy

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