NuffNang vs Manggaonline Ad

Its look like NuffNang don’t really can get along with Manggaonline Ad, because of having both ad on my blog. I lost my Glitterati status. I just add NuffNang Ad to track and analyse my traffic. Its so much easy and simple compare to Google Analytics.

I can see my source of traffic, keywords and analytics by hour. FYI, Manggaonline ad is another Malaysia online advertiser, so this is againts GLEEtterati status.

NuffNang analytics#BYE BYE Manggaonline

Decision has been made. Manggaonline have to go. I only earn 3 cent. So not worth it.

Bye Adverlets, Bye Nufflets


Nuffnang new program so called Glitterati, is a double blow to Adverlets since their site havoc last weekend. Glitterati  which sound more like “Geli lah hati” : )  will appreciate their loyal blogger with this exclusive club. The benefits range from payment rates to Innit  service.More benefits here 

This will make all the blogger that remove Adverlets last weekend will stay that way.Adverlets will sure lost huge amount of revenue and profit for sure. Eventhough their site has been restored, but I don’t think it can restore their blogger faith anymore.

 image courtesy of kok blok


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