I just got DUMPED ;(

No no not by my girl friend or scandal. You naughty boy!

If you read my last entry about Android from Apple, where I acted dumb and 100 % agreed to this star Futsal player just to keep playing Futsal with them. There is a reason for that. Actually for the past 2 months, I played Futsal at Sportbarn in PJ with this 1 Malaysia team. Mostly Chinese, a few Indians and Malays.

How The Story Begins

They invited us to play with them a few months ago when both of us did not have enough player coincidently. So from there, My other friends and I started to play regularly every Friday night from 9-11 pm with them. Until recently, they tried to ignore us and gave a lot of reasons. Last week, they gave excuse that they did not play on Friday nite but changed to Sunday.

Before this they did mention that they have booked and played  on Friday nite for the last  6 years and suddenly wanted to change. Something fishy around there. My instinct was right. One of my friends confirmed that this 1Malaysia team played on Friday nite. They cheated us. Why ? I did “belanja” them drinks, tell jokes and laugh with them, isn’t that how you maintain good relationship? At that moment I realize that our relationship is over.

We Will Get Over This

If you read this my 1Malaysia team, I hope you enjoy playing Futsal without us. No more free drinks and jokes for you. You will never see my cute Damia cheering for me.”Papa, dah score ke ?” haha. She kept asking me that.  Sometimes she would be mad if any player tackled me hard.

I will find a new team that plays faster and more skillful than you guys even if I have to admit that Android is from Apple hehe.

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