Have twitter, Malaysian & Good Looking like me…well maybe you can join Churp Churp

Spread the Love and Get Rewarded!

I already blog about Churp2 and cashed out my 1st cheque with Churp2. Good news, I already  reach my 2nd RM 100 this month. I think my Churp2 make more money than my NuffNang. Below is some presentation for you  to understand concept of Churp2.


I don’t know whetver I should share about this or not because last time I remember, I make a lot of money with NuffNang. Nowdays, when so many people join Nuffnang, its really hard to get RM50 in a month hehehe.


But since I have nothing to post about, maybe sharing this info about cash reward contest is at least I can do. Its called Spread the Love and Get Rewarded.

Simple, if you have a twitter account and minimum of 25 follower, then you can make money with Churp2. But its still up to you, you can join if you want. If you think its really hard to compose 140 words campaign with simple keywords and lazy to tweet then I would have no problem with that.

Because I can make money with more campaign yehaaaaa!. But if you decide to join…..mmm really..have you think really hard about it. Maybe you need some time, fresh air and clear mind haha. Ok Ok..just use this link to join ok 🙂

Sign Up for Churp2

Details of the contest :

It’s our first anniversary and we are feeling generous! We are rewarding Churpers with RM3,000 worth of instant credit just by inviting your friends to join or just by simply joining the ChurpChurp community!

All you have to do is take part in “Spread the Love and Get Rewarded” contest and ;

1) Invite your friends to sign up

2) Request them to fill in your Twitter username / Facebook Display name in the referral field*

3) Authorize their Facebook and/or Twitter accounts with ChurpChurp.

You can keep tab of how many new friends you’ve invited to ChurpChurp from your account’s Dashboard.

There will be :

  • One (1) Grand Prize winner of RM 1, 000 instant credit
  • One (1) Second Prize winner of RM 5 00 instant credit
  • Ten (10) Consolations Prize winners of RM 100 instant credit each
  • 20 Lucky New Churpers will get RM 25 instant credit each

This contest will run from August 3 – September 2, 2010 and open to Churpers registered in Malaysia only.

Invite your friends into the ChurpChurp community today, and get instant rewards!

Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One!

Hi Guys,

As an avid user of Entrecard, I get international traffic apart from organic search to this blog.So I owed Entrecard a lot.As a token of saying thank you, I would like to promote their latest contest Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! to show some support.

Join the contest by writing about this Great Contest and invite other to join, easy isn’t it . You can stand a chance to win Bazillion, yes Bazillion entrecard Credit!. You can check with Graham if you don’t believe me. What are you waiting for, one thousand Entrecard can be sell up to USD 1, can you imagine how much money can you make online if you have one Bazillion :). Wait how many zero is bazillion, check it here:at wikipedia.

My Prize Choice

Off course, I want to win 25K EC from Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs, so that I can share and advertise on other big website and gain more traffic 🙂


Friso Brings My Family Out

Hi guys,

I want to ask you something. What does family mean to you? Is it only about children and parents? How about house, food, nursery, diapers, milk and etc? This list was on my mind when people asked me about getting married and having a family.

I remembered a friend once told me that when you have children, your problem/tiredness will be gone for a while when a cute face is waiting at the door calling your name with a bright smile when you come home.

 At first I was sceptical, I was asking myself, “really? Are you sure?” haha until Damia was born on 9 Nov 2007. Those sparkling eyes, always calling “atte tahh” and smiling without teeth make my life totally different now. I don’t even bother about the list anymore. What list? 🙂

Family is my top priority now. When Damia accidentally fell from a swing, I hugged my wife and Damia and told my wife, Damia is not only our daughter but our life. I just can’t imagine life without her. She brings a lot of joy to me and my wife.

In conjunction with Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out, Nuffnang wants to know why Family day is important to my daughter. If I can, I want to spend every second with her and watch her grow. Why family day is important?

Build Up Confidence

I believe by spending more time with Damia, she can build up her confidence since she needs a lot of support to walk by herself. She is one year now but still using the walker or sofa to walk.

Hopefully by having a special day for her, she will gain more confidence and not be afraid to walk. Malaysia Boleh Damia pun boleh!

Research shows that families that spend time together are less likely to have teens that use illegal drugs or drink or get into trouble.

Improve her Brain Development

At this stage, it is important communicate with Damia to stimulate her brain cells/neurons. Input as much knowledge as I can. The earlier the brain cells or neurons are stimulated, the more synapses (connection of one neuron to another) are created. It is the early neural synapses that make us remember, learn, talk, think, count, and create better.

Parenting Experience

By having a Family Day sponsored by Friso I can gain a lot of new input and get to know new parent @ blogger. We can share and exchange our tips and experience especially for first time parent. Nowadays we are facing a lot of challenges from the outside world, online and offline. So its crucial for us parents, to equip ourselves with parenting knowledge.

Come and Join Us

So I would like to thank Friso for sponsoring this great activity. As Friso always promote, Ambition, Bravery, Curiosity and Determination.What are you waiting for, lets enjoy  and bring your family here.

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