How To Transfer Money from PayPal to Maybank account

This entry only can be made when I have enough money in my PayPal to withdraw.That is why it takes so LONG : )

Actually I promised to write entry on Cash Out money from PayPal to Maybank account more than a year ago. I have to wait until I have enough money to show you guys. Hehehe. Just kidding! I did transfer USD 50 to my Maybank account.  but totally forget to update about it.

First you must add local bank accounts (saving or current) to your PayPal account. Its easy if you follow the step. There are slightly different between cash out money from PayPal to Credit/Debit Card and to your Local Bank Account. (For my example here I use Maybank account).

1. Cheaper – Its cheaper to withdraw money to your local bank than your card. PayPal will charge you RM 20 if you use your card. If you transfer money to Bank Account more than RM 400 it will be FREE and RM 3 for less than RM 400.

2. Save Time 2-3 working days for Bank account and up to one week to transfer money to your card.

Conclusion : Save time and money to transfer money from PayPal to your local bank account. (more…)

Make Money with your Entrecard Credit

Entrecard Team has introduced a new feature Cash Out Service , where they will offer to buy your EC credit for cash. This service should be available next week as promised by Graham, so you can count how many EC credit you have.


Too bad I have spent most of my 25K EC that I won from in Bazillion contest.:). So I have to drop more from now on.


Actually this Cash Out service is made available to all member after introducing Paid Ads. Paid Ads in Entrecard allow member or non member to advertise on all EC blog.

It’s cheap and you can gain a lot of traffic from it. Although some member object the idea of paid ads, but I believe EC team need money to run their server and pay developer.

So by accepting Paid Ads, we actually support this great service. Entrecard is a great traffic puller, people can say that it is a trash traffic or what so ever.

But I gain a lot of exposure form Entrecard, so i believe I owe them my support.

Anyway, there are certain rules that we have to follow before we are eligible for the cash out service.

Our new community support algorithm is going to determine the priority with which you can cash out your credits. It is also going to eventually help determine your rank in our member directory. The main factors it will take into consideration are:

  1. How many cards you drop / how frequently
  2. % of paid ads you approve
  3. % of Entrecard ads you approve
  4. Listings you create / completed sales in the market
  5. How many credits you transfer to others (indicative of contests, tips, and generosity)
  6. % of credits you spend on Entrecard ads

Hungary and Hong Kong Adsense Publisher will use EFT

I guess it a good news for Adsense Publisher base in Hong Kong and Hungray, by using EFT(Electronic Funds Transfer).It will be easy then to cash out from Adsense account.

Hopefully Malaysia will be next. Currently the best way for Malaysian Adsense Publisher is to use Western Union Quick Cash. It is not bad but quite complicated (hehehe I never done it that’s why). Hopefully I will able to cash out my first Adsense Money next month.Since my earning is not bad lately.



Cash Out your Paypal Using Tune Card

My final mission on using Tune Card is to be able to cash out my PayPal money. I know it’s not that much but enough to buy my daughter a baby swing for my first cash out.:)


YES, you can use Tune Card to validate and cash out you PayPal money. I will show you the prove. See my Tune Card last 4 digit number is 9015, same with my PayPal account.


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