Attract Clients With Your Business Card

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ONE: Keep your card “reader friendly” by providing ample white space. Unfortunately, we are tempted to jam as much information on the card as the printer can squeeze in.
However, people don’t want to bog down by reading lengthy paragraphs. Note how short this one is, and the one before it. Easy to read, don’t you think?

TWO: Display your photo on your card. Think what happens when the prospect you met at the reception flips through the cards she collected. Which people will she remember most easily? The ones with photos, of course. For many years, real estate pros have acted on this assumption, and they are right.

THREE: Stick with a standard size. You want your card to fit the card collections others maintain. An odd-shaped card might be tossed away as too cumbersome to keep.

FOUR: Never economize on paper stock. The dollars you save won’t compare with the dollars you will miss out on because prospects think you may be second rate, like your card.

FIVE: Spend what is needed to include color. Think about it-how many of your potential clients have black and white TV, cameras and magazines?
Avoid psychedelic colors unless you are a designer, artist or entertainer. Your color photo will reflect a warm, vivid personality, so there’s no need to shock the senses of readers.
SIX: Include your slogan. My company slogan identifies my purpose: “Helping you finish in first place!” Six words are enough–if they are the right words.

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