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Recently I read Status of Raymond.CC Tech Blog Site , since his site has been totally silent last month. If this is your first time you ever heard about, I will introduce a little bit about, it is a popular Tech Site here in Malaysia providing tutorial, tools, free software and tips. We only know his name, no picture or profile. He like to be known for his site only and remain unknown to real world like AXXO in torrent world :).


Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One!

Hi Guys,

As an avid user of Entrecard, I get international traffic apart from organic search to this blog.So I owed Entrecard a lot.As a token of saying thank you, I would like to promote their latest contest Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! to show some support.

Join the contest by writing about this Great Contest and invite other to join, easy isn’t it . You can stand a chance to win Bazillion, yes Bazillion entrecard Credit!. You can check with Graham if you don’t believe me. What are you waiting for, one thousand Entrecard can be sell up to USD 1, can you imagine how much money can you make online if you have one Bazillion :). Wait how many zero is bazillion, check it here:at wikipedia.

My Prize Choice

Off course, I want to win 25K EC from Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs, so that I can share and advertise on other big website and gain more traffic 🙂


How often do you check your Adsense account?

Hi Guys,

My weekend  is full with wedding invitation that I have to attend. So I am planning to Raya ambush a few of my blogger friend, my first victim would be Mr Beruang hehe.Air sirap je pun OK 🙂

OK, back to the topic, how often do you log in to your account and check your adsense stat. Well to be honest I will check every half an hour or whenever I think about money hehe. The funny thing is Google team even name the syndrom G.A.S.S. – Google AdSense Stats Syndrome.

” The primary sign of affliction is the compulsive need to check AdSense stats every 15 minutes or so to see how much you’ve earned since your prior login. Sufferers face strong withdrawal when separated from a PC with Internet access and have been known to experience mild abdominal discomfort and general irritability “

So from the description of the syndrome, for those who log in and check their stat for every 15 minutes or less, then please be aware that you are suffering G.A.S.S. The cure ? by Dr Lankapo :

  • Post quality content  as much you can
  • Please visit popular blog every 30 minutes
  • Leave comment and
  • Join forum to share your opinion and views.

I got an email from them explaining why there are some delays in Adsense statistic report.Usually it takes about 15 to 30 minutes, but sometimes it can be delay for up to 24 hours. So for those who suffered G.A.S.S don’t panic ok. Your money won’t go anyway. For your information,  your reports won’t show data for impressions on public service announcements (PSAs). So if your Adsense still show Public Service Ad, then better change your content to more targeted keywords and increase your SEO.

Guys, how often do you check your account ? Are you suffering G.A.S.S too 🙂  Share your comment here

Duit Raya from Adsense and Nuffnang

Hi to all my readers,

raya raya2

Image by lankapo via Flickr

I just got back from my kampung after celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri for about a week.Filling my tummy with all kind of kueh raya, ketupat and lemang after fasting for one whole month. Now I am back at the office,  still in Raya mode off course. Maybe next week I will be fully ready for work hehe.

Well, after spending a lot of money shopping Raya, now I got to work hard to earn more money online.

Luckily  my second cash out for Google Adsense and Nuffnang is this month. At least can cover some of my expenses during Hari Raya.

My Adsense earning is improving, as more clicks coming from Ad Links 728 x 15 and 300 x 250 Text Ads within post.Just make sure your first adsense placement is on top folder of your page. This first ad that appear usually is the highest paying keyword. So user will tend to click ad that appear first with good placement.

I will receive my Duit Raya end of this month from Adsense with high currency rate. Last time I checked, 1USD is RM 3.5 :). For sure my wife will be happy collecting Adsense money this time. I bet she will ask for more tips.

PayPerPost, Inc.

Image via Wikipedia

With a lot of blog has been kicked out from PayPerPost, now more blogger turn to other source of online income. I have drop Pay Per Post long time ago when Google start to slap PR ranking. But my PR for this blog is still 0 and I don’t care hehe. I just want  to write and share with you all.

Thanks again to Nuffnang for sending the second cheque right on time. I was totally relieved as the first cheque incident didn’t happen again when I have to wait for nearly 2 months. As I mention in my blog before, I’m just starting to build up my traffic on my Malay’s blog, . I will keep this 2 blog ( and ) update to focus my earning only on Adsense and Nuffnang. I will  leave out my 10 other blogs with different niche range from soccer,relationship, celebrities and affiliates. I just can’t handle it anymore 🙂 Too greddyi I guess.

Yeah rite,I know I love soccer and entertainment. I can give a lot of opinion in soccer (just admit it ok. I am the only one whom predicted Italy win Wolrd Cup 2006 🙂 .Anyway I am not a hardcore fan and don’t even have a steady club to support hehe. Not like, a hard fan of Liverpool team. I just love soccer that’s all. So, focus on what you good at is the best way to solve my dilemma. So I will update my other blogs occasionally or when I have something interesting to share and approve Entrecard request.Since you can get some lucky clicks from your old blog, you know.

I think that’s all for now, for all my muslim reader.. enjoy your Hari Raya and don’t forget to ask for forgiveness. Don’t forget to update your blog and don’t eat too much.You might get a stomach ache like me hehe.


Google Adsense vs Nuffnang

Hi Guys,

Last week, I had a fruitful discussion with Papa Bear about our online income. We try  to compare two online income that are proven but different, Google Adsense and Nuffnang. As we know Google Adsense tend to work well with English content with high paying keywords. As Nuffnang, I have been told that only local IP will be count in. Meaning traffic from Malaysia only will be turn into money.Source from Mr Akubetul


Damia Anura,My inspiration

That explain why my wife’s blog, The Other Side of ME, earn more than my through Nuffnang. Even the statistic show that my number is better than her. So right now, I have to choose and focus on either Nuffnang or Google Adsense. As majority of traffic from this blog come from outside of Malaysia.As I am active with Entrecard. If I want to earn from Google Adsense, I have to post entry in English. Ok this is where my problem lies, my English is not that good to capture more audience. Yup, I have to admit. It is really important to be comfortable with your entry to attract more reader and make them to revisit your again.  I can’t do that with my English writing.

That is why I got to reactivate back my old blog in Bahasa Melayu, to attract more local Blogger. With this blog, I can write freely and within a short time. As for English blog, I have to do some research and draft first. Sometime it took 2 -3 days for me to write one post. I am not like you guys or Papa bear that can write as simple as that. I need more time to think the right and exact word to explain my points.

All this while, I thought you can only make money through English blog, but Nuffnang prove me wrong.As a lot of my friend earn a lot of money through Nuffnang with Bahasa Melayu blog. It takes me 2-3 months to earn my USD 100 through Google Adsense while my friend earn RM 500 – RM 600 per month. The keyword is traffic. There is no point to write about popular keywords if you fail to capture and mesmerize your visitor. You need to be unique and touch your visitor’s heart.

What leave this blog ? No la. I will still maintain this blog it just that I will focus more on my traffic.Share my experience on blogging and making money online using Google Adsense.Adsense is quite challenging, you can earn more through clicks or high traffic. As for now I need to restructure this blog to focus more on Adsense while on Nuffnang.

So, no matter what language do you write, just make sure you are good at it and attract high traffic as to monetize your blog or site will be easy. But if you blog just for fun, its up to you as long as you happy with it. :). Happy blogging  and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers.

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