Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One!

Hi Guys,

As an avid user of Entrecard, I get international traffic apart from organic search to this blog.So I owed Entrecard a lot.As a token of saying thank you, I would like to promote their latest contest Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! to show some support.

Join the contest by writing about this Great Contest and invite other to join, easy isn’t it . You can stand a chance to win Bazillion, yes Bazillion entrecard Credit!. You can check with Graham if you don‚Äôt believe me. What are you waiting for, one thousand Entrecard can be sell up to USD 1, can you imagine how much money can you make online if you have one Bazillion :). Wait how many zero is bazillion, check it here:at wikipedia.

My Prize Choice

Off course, I want to win 25K EC from Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs, so that I can share and advertise on other big website and gain more traffic ūüôā


Google Adsense vs Nuffnang

Hi Guys,

Last week, I had a fruitful discussion with Papa Bear about our online income. We try  to compare two online income that are proven but different, Google Adsense and Nuffnang. As we know Google Adsense tend to work well with English content with high paying keywords. As Nuffnang, I have been told that only local IP will be count in. Meaning traffic from Malaysia only will be turn into money.Source from Mr Akubetul


Damia Anura,My inspiration

That explain why my wife’s blog, The Other Side of ME, earn more than my through Nuffnang. Even the statistic show that my number is better than her. So right now, I have to choose and focus on either Nuffnang or Google Adsense. As majority of traffic from this blog come from outside of Malaysia.As I am active with Entrecard. If I want to earn from Google Adsense, I have to post entry in English. Ok this is where my problem lies, my English is not that good to capture more audience. Yup, I have to admit. It is really important to be comfortable with your entry to attract more reader and make them to revisit your again.¬† I can’t do that with my English writing.

That is why I got to reactivate back my old blog in Bahasa Melayu, to attract more local Blogger. With this blog, I can write freely and within a short time. As for English blog, I have to do some research and draft first. Sometime it took 2 -3 days for me to write one post. I am not like you guys or Papa bear that can write as simple as that. I need more time to think the right and exact word to explain my points.

All this while, I thought you can only make money through English blog, but Nuffnang prove me wrong.As a lot of my friend earn a lot of money through Nuffnang with Bahasa Melayu blog. It takes me 2-3 months to earn my USD 100 through Google Adsense while my friend earn RM 500 РRM 600 per month. The keyword is traffic. There is no point to write about popular keywords if you fail to capture and mesmerize your visitor. You need to be unique and touch your visitor’s heart.

What leave this blog ? No la. I will still maintain this blog it just that I will focus more on my traffic.Share my experience on blogging and making money online using Google Adsense.Adsense is quite challenging, you can earn more through clicks or high traffic. As for now I need to restructure this blog to focus more on Adsense while on Nuffnang.

So, no matter what language do you write, just make sure you are good at it and attract high traffic as to monetize your blog or site will be easy. But if you blog just for fun, its up to you as long as you happy with it. :). Happy blogging  and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers.

BlogCatalog Automated Spam Software

Just last week, an online friend of mine introduce me to a software that can browse BlogCatalog and add comment. So  I read on the sales page and it says that you try it for free. So I click to download it .

It is called TrafficPsyche. My first thought was, this software is something like Comment Kahuna that can browse certain niche and certain PR of blogs and you can leave comment. Since he told me that this software  is not a spam and will I will get more friends and traffic,. So I thought why not give it a try.

Beware of this Automated Spam Software

DOS Format Only

So when I installed it, it’s totally in DOS format. Just provide your BlogCatalog ID and password. After that write your comment and choose which group that you like to browse. Wah, this is so easy.

When I click the R for RUN button and enter, I don’t see any of BlogCatalog website and group but only dot dot dot. The software only provide text update and will tell you which account that it surf and leave my message.

Bad Boy

Not once in my mind thought that this automated software will ruin my reputation in Blogcatalog. My nigthmare begins when I cannot log in to my account and all my blog and comment dissapeard.

After that I realise I was banned and I just spammed the whole BlogCatalog community. Immediately, I sent email to the admin asking for forgiveness by statting that  I was tricked and stupid. Sadly they reply that my action was an insult to the BlogCatalog community and refuse to activate my account back as for now.



I would like to apologise to all BlogCatalog Community and their Administration. I am really a bad boy, but people tend to make mistake rite. Spamming is bad for your reputation as blogger and for your health. Why ? Because nobody will come to my blog again and I will get depression hehehe.

BlogCatalog has been help me a lot for all this year, build my reputation and increase my traffic. If I only knew that my action would jeopardize my account, of course i will not use that software.Plus, I will be extra careful in the future.

Increase your blog exposure with Twitterfeed

Twitter is the best marketing tool in blog sphere nowadays. You can make new friends and update your status.  Yesterday, my friend from Ozie, Joy, asked me on how to put our latest blog entry on Twitter status.

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co‚Äďworkers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?

The answer is simple,use

How twitterfeed Work

1. Register using your open ID, in my case I use blogger ID. You can choose up to 12 login ID such as Flickr, WordPress and etc.

2. Add your blog rss feed on twitterfeed by create new twitter feed

3. Walla, your twitter status will autoupdate every time you post entry on your blog.

In short, twitterfeed will update your twitter status every time your post a blog entry. If you register up to 4 or 5 blog, then the status will change according to latest blog entry. Twitter is a simple tool to communicate with others and get more exposure.So, make sure you put a catchy headlines to get click ūüôā and be nice to others.

This great tool is a must for a lazy blogger like me hahaha

Message from the developer :

This service is provided on an as-is-and-as-available basis, and is not affiliated with

Write because You Love It

Back in 2006, my intention to blog is to explore something new and just for fun. Since it is free like Blogspot and Plus, it’s really cool when you can tell your friend or chicks¬†to visit your blog at rite ?. I am quite popular at that time. ūüôā

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

So when l heard and confirmed by my colleague that you can make money online using Adsense¬†, Nuffnang (Malaysian Ad Network) and others ads network, my intention totally changed to money now. So I just write what other blogger already done. Things like “Increase Your Traffic”,”Improve Your SEO Ranking” or “Make Money Online” are¬†too¬†saturated in this blogsphere.¬†That’s add my blog to¬†million of Making Money Online blog and just a John Chow¬†wannabe. How can I tell other what to do when I am still a newbie too just like them.

Feeling Inspired

After reading How to Find Your Passion by Glen Allsopp from , I was inspired. I never look blogging the same way again. I should find my passion instead. The author guide you to find your inner strength and what you suppose to write about rather than following others foot step. Make your own.

Recently, I  only manage to update my blog once a week. Totally blank.I cannot think of something new on making money online, struggle to find the motivation to write and to come up with post ideas. Now I want to write all about my experience along the way on making money online, blogging tools and plugin that I want to share and anything that make me feel good by  sharing it for benefit of others. Sharing and not teaching, remember that.

My experience when I shares about using Tune Card was totally worth it. I manage to earn money through Adsense unintentionally and get high SEO ranking for the keyword of Tune Money and Tune Card. My post on experience using Tune Card, a prepaid Visa card to cash out money from PayPal become popular since I was the first to blog about it.

FYI, It took 12 month just to get $ 2 through Adsense, but only 2 months to reach $100 when I post about tune card. See,when you post a unique content that benefit others, money will come after that.

Lesson Learned Here

So if you want to be popular and become authority in your niche, be unique and share your experience and knowledge that will benefit others. Not just writing and following what already being told. Your reader will be like “I have seen that before”, “hey, I already read that in ProBlogger” hehe.

When you are expert at certain thing, you will write like a river flow . Ideas will keep coming. Remember money will follow  when you capture your reader intention.They will keep coming back to hear more from you. Just make sure you enjoy the excitement through blogging, because that is more important.

We can find a job,make loan or marry to a rich husband/wife to get money,but happiness is precious.

If you don’t enjoy blogging, then switch your niche ” lankapo

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