What I like about Reader’s Digest

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Price at RM 15 and already make my wife keep nagging that her favorite magazines are much cheaper. I always complaint that her magazine only featured picture of artist and gossip only. So, she only buy what i think is best for her.

I just subscribe Reader’s Digest fo one year using my credit card recently,and shh my wife did;nt know hehe. The only reason that i love to read Reader’s Digest is because Laughter is the best medicine. 🙂 . The jokes submitted by other readers make me really laugh I shed tears to my eyes.

Apart from that, RD offers stories about Real life story and tips and everyday heroes. so for me it worth the price. written in simple English, it can surely improves my writing skills. notice some changes 🙂

Ok, here I share one of the jokes that I read :

A driver who was speeding was pulled over by a police officer. After the interrogation, the driver admitted he was a murderer and that he had hidden a gun and a body in the boot.

The worried police officer radioed the station for help. In no time at all, a police squad came.The police chief asked hi to open the boot. the driver complied. After a through check, they were unable to find anything The baffled police chief apologized.”I’m sorry we had to do this, but our officer told us you have a gun and a body in the boot.”

“Ohh, that fool!” said the driver “I bet he told you I was speeding, too!”


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