NJOI Free Satellite TV Service by ASTRO

When I read that Astro is going to launch new satelite TV Service, I thought Astro is goig to launch a new satellite to the sky. ; ) Ok I was wrong there.

FREE SATELLITE TV, so what will you need ? off course,  a decoder and satellite dish . Meaning you need to register and pay to ASTRO as the decoder will not be given free unless you are under eKasih program.  Accroding to ASTRO, 50 thousand decoders and satellite dishes will be distributed to recipients who have been listed under eKasih programs. (more…)

I choose UNIFI over ASTRO

It was a hard decision to make, but without internet my life would be dull. The apartment that I moved in have no Streamyx service, only UNIFI. I want Astro for Sport channel and NCSI plus Criminal Minds.

I cannot afford both its too pricey. The minimum subscription for UNIFI is RM150. My previous subscription price with ASTRO was RM90++ (Standard, WARNA and Sport). Money is the issue here. UNIFI also have its own TV service called Hypp TV, so I think why not give it a try. Bye bye ASTRO.

Let see what does UNIFI provide you with RM150 monthly subscription. Free phone call to fixed line all around Malaysia and 10 cents per minute flat rate to any mobile number.

HyypTV – The terrestrial channels are TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV and TV9. Additional free cable channels include Bernama TV, Hikmah, Channel NewsAsia, Luxe.TV HD, Euronews, DW-TV Asia, Australia Network, Bloomberg TV and The Travel Channel.

With internet speed at 4mbps you can do a lot of thing with it. You can watch movie online on Youtube or live telecast. Especially Korean movie and EPL highlights. Plus you can even watch live EPL match game smoothly.

One more important thing, you can download your favorite movie within 5 minutes. Make sure you set your DNS setting to Google DNS.


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