My 3rd Nuffnang Cheque

Yes, did you hear the ka CHING in my bank hehe. I received my third  Nuffnang cheque. Not much but is a prove that Nuffnang do pays.


Some people complain that Nuffnang duration payment is more than 30 days. They should understand that on the Nuffnang cash out term clearly said that the payment will be processed at the end of the cash out month and will take 30 days.  So if you cash out on 2nd June, the payment will only be processed on 30th June and you will get the cheque after July. Here a tip,  just cash out at the end of the month and don’t worry the cheque will arrive in your mail box.

To be honest mostly earning come from my wife blog Aleeya01 where she like to put my daughter and family picture on the blog. Attract local and unique traffic even makcik and pakcik read her blog :).

Just keep update your blog and Nuffnang will award with more campaign and earnings. Good Luck!

Video Adsense Unit approved in Australia and Japan

Another good news for publisher base on Australia and Japan, you all can make more money by using Adsense on Video.I think the most interactive way to earn money online. As you know, by putting video on your site from YouTube will attract more visitor to your site. Video like hot celebrities,music video,blogging tips and tutorial are the best option to increase traffic and attract user and definitely increase your earnings.

Hopefully Malaysia will be in the list for Video Units.As for now I already embedded YouTube video on several of my blog to make it more interesting and who knows Google will approved in the near future.



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