Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Trailer)

This trailer just made my day. Siri can be deadly. You can run but you cannot hide from Siri: The iPhone killer..hehe

So if you have iPhone 4s, you should watch this movie to be released this summer haha.

Android from Apple?

Last Tuesday, I was invited to play Futsal by old friend at Sport Planet Section 16. We had a terrific game, since they all are younger and faster than me. FYI I did  score one goal ok. After that we had a drink and discuss about our smartphone.

Froyo so fast
One of my friend had this LG phone with Android  Froyo  OS.  So he showed me different kind of game and app that he have. Mostly are game app. It was kind  exciting with touch screen and online game.
But what I am going to tell you is about this fellow  who confidently talked about his experience using Android. He told us that Android is developed by Apple. According to him, Android is popular more than iPhone 4 and bla bla. I dont know where he got his information but I can say that he is really  sure about his statement.

I would love to correct his statements in front of his friend and laugh “guling-guling” but I have to think twice. Actually it was my first time join this team to play futsal. So like it or not, I have to save his face.Plus he is one of the star player, so of course you have to agree with him haha. If not next time, you might not get invited to play with them again.

I have my own reason

Its hard now days to find a complete team at my age to play futsal. Most of my friend busy with family and works. So if you find a good team, better take good care of it. : ). I even “belanja” them energy drink and pay more for Futsal fees hehe.

So I have to pretend that I agree that  Android is from Apple and hopefully I can play futsal next time with them. Win Win situation hehe. Enjoy your weekend guys ,

p/s Did I tell you guys that Android is from Google. Ok I just did ; )

p/ss Maybe the popularity thing is true but not from Apple hehe

Cheap MAC BOOK !

Hi Guys,

Remember when i wrote about Cheap notebook with Linux OS from Jom Linux, and I told you guys that was the best deal. I was wrong!. I read from Peja blog, that he want to sell a Mac Book with this spec :


  • 8.4GHz Intel Core 20 Duo
  • 20GB DDR3 memory
  • 250TB hard drive
  • 80x double-layer SuperDrive
  • NVIDIA GeForce 320G graphics
  • Built-in 100-hour battery2
  • Polistren unibody enclosure
  • Ships: Within 24hrs

  • Free Shipping
  • RM 500.00

Please scroll down to see the picture..


Fixing Old office Konica Minolta Printer

In my office I have a few printer and old pc that are left alone. People here like to use laptop and print using Ricoh Aficio 2283C, that is connected thru LAN. Fast and convenience.

Yesterday my boss asked me to print a large document for our training. We have 2 unit of cheap canon printer which have been modified. Where you add CSS ink tank like this :

Pixma with CSS Ink

its look simple and really cheap. BUT it  will not last long. This system known as CSS system will face a lot of problem like my 2 printer here. Always have problem.  Ink will flow from the ink tank to the cartridge inside the printer only using gravity and pressure. So as long the ink flow is good than it will have no problem. If not you will be like a small kid playing with water color to fix this kind of printer. So messy playing with ink. : ). I even sucked the ink using my mouth to make sure the ink read the cartridge. Yuckkk!

PagePro no so PRO

Back to my Konica Minolta printer, my boss left it there for quite sometime. He said that it failed to print anymore and all sort of error. Yesterday i took some time to check and install with my Ubuntu.  Well amazingly it worked. I use the PPD driver and install in CUPS. CUPS is the standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS® X and other UNIX®-like operating systems. But its quite slow because its not quite compatible with my Ubuntu.

I try to use the PagePro 1300W with my Window Vista. At first it did not work. Vista failed to detect the printer. Until i download the driver from Konica Minolta site. The trick is to change the LP1 to Virtual USB it on printer properties. That is why  my boss thought  the printer was rosak.

Anyway after print a few documents, the printer jammed with paper. I already took it out but still failed to print. I took out the toner and saw a piece of paper already blend with the hot roller. Everytime I print the paper will get stuck due to that roller. So this time its hardware problem. I already tried to unscrew the printer but failed. I have no proper tools. The one that I have here is for small screw :).

In my opinion, if I did open the printer to reach the roller, I wont be able to separate the paper and the roller. Maybe it will damage . So better to leave it alone to have some rest. Maybe I will try to open it next year hehe. I got other job to do. Wait for my Puppy Linux project : )

Free Domain Name Service

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via InfoMalaya

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