Activate your Facebook Timeline Now!

During this year’s F8, Timeline was announced by Mark Zuckerberg. This new interface is said to be an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments. It also lets you share new expereinces, like the music you listen to the miles you run.


Android from Apple?

Last Tuesday, I was invited to play Futsal by old friend at Sport Planet Section 16. We had a terrific game, since they all are younger and faster than me. FYI I did  score one goal ok. After that we had a drink and discuss about our smartphone.

Froyo so fast
One of my friend had this LG phone with Android  Froyo  OS.  So he showed me different kind of game and app that he have. Mostly are game app. It was kind  exciting with touch screen and online game.
But what I am going to tell you is about this fellow  who confidently talked about his experience using Android. He told us that Android is developed by Apple. According to him, Android is popular more than iPhone 4 and bla bla. I dont know where he got his information but I can say that he is really  sure about his statement.

I would love to correct his statements in front of his friend and laugh “guling-guling” but I have to think twice. Actually it was my first time join this team to play futsal. So like it or not, I have to save his face.Plus he is one of the star player, so of course you have to agree with him haha. If not next time, you might not get invited to play with them again.

I have my own reason

Its hard now days to find a complete team at my age to play futsal. Most of my friend busy with family and works. So if you find a good team, better take good care of it. : ). I even “belanja” them energy drink and pay more for Futsal fees hehe.

So I have to pretend that I agree that  Android is from Apple and hopefully I can play futsal next time with them. Win Win situation hehe. Enjoy your weekend guys ,

p/s Did I tell you guys that Android is from Google. Ok I just did ; )

p/ss Maybe the popularity thing is true but not from Apple hehe

Free, mobile Gphone

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown

Google is reportedly working on a mobile handset to speed up the mobile ad distribution process, with its service at the helm.

What’s been dubbed the Google Phone or the GPhone, may be the provider of a free, ad-supported mobile service. The company is working on a new web browser for cell phones, and is wanting to put its service at the forefront of people using handheld devices. While Google has already extended its ads services from the web to print and radio ads, its mobile advertising offering has already been established, along with its search capabilities and GMail integration, among other applications.

Considering the issues it’s had regarding mobile network providers, however, it would appear that Google is anxious to dominate the mobile industry on a number of levels, acting independently of any particular mobile carrier. Creating its own handset with mobile browsing functionality would put other companies at the mercy of Google, on several levels, when it comes to the potential users of its handset, which would hopefully be offered through several wireless companies, from AT&T to Verizon.

If someone were to offer a free, ad-supported mobile option, Google would be among the most likely to succeed. It’s a delicate business model that requires existing relationships with several aspects of the mobile and advertising community, and that’s something Google has. Blyk is one company that’s been working on a similar offering for some time now, and has not yet reached its goal of launching its service to the public.

In related news, Google is working with Sprint Nextel on a WiMax offering and has also created an Ajax search tool for the iPhone.

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