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By | December 6, 2007

First of all, this is no post per paid just sharing my experience with all my reader, because sharing is caring. :)

To those who didn’t know, Tune Money is part of Denis Melka, Datuk Tony Fernandes and a few business entrepreneur new product. Together with Tune Hotel, and Insurance targeted for people like us. I am quite admire  Datuk Tony Fernandes business vision following his huge success creating Air Asia, a true entrepreneur.Now everybody can fly !

Ok , so lets move to our topic, why Debit Visa at Tune Money ? Simple

    •Instant online approval*;

•Easy access – you don’t require an existing bank account to sign up;

•Cash withdrawal at ATM machines worldwide;

•No income checks;

•No credit checks;

•Easy reloading options;

•No late charges;

•No financing charges;

•Affordable annual fees;RM 9.99

•No bills arriving at the end of the month;

•View your transactions online, real time;

•Exchange rate markup of only 0.5% (others may charge you a lot more – check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us);

•Security – if you lose your card, one quick phone call ensures that you do not lose your money. Whilst cash lost, is lost forever;

•Privacy – we adhere to stringent regulations for customer privacy, authentication and identity verification

and BLA BLA actually:the real reason why I sign for this Visa Debit card is for my PayPal account. I need to use Visa to cash out my money from PayPal. PayPal only accept Visa to make the payment. Since I validate my PayPal account using my Mastercard CIMB, so is the answer.

What is Visa Debit Card ?

It’s actually quite similar with a credit card, in term of usage. But, you have to bank in the money first before using the card.Simpler words, you have to got the money LOL in the bank. Whereas, credit card, you have the credit limit and you can use it as you wish.But  you have to pay every month to the bank. So, Visa Debit Card is the best way to bring small amount of cash.

There are a few bank that offer Visa Debit Card, such as Public Bank Visa Electron Card and BSN Matrix Debit Card , from personal experience applying for Public Bank Visa Card, just forget it. After sending all the document required, not any of the staff contacted me for approval or confirmation. I thought my application is rejected until I read on LiewCF blog that you have to attached Pos Money around RM 50. It’s not even stated in the website.


The 5 Minutes Process!

ANybody can apply for this card, even a student (>18 years old ), factory worker ,postman hehe since no document is required even your IC.

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Apply Now’.
  3. Key in all your profile info, name, address,telephone no etc. Dont forget to choose where Post office you want to pick up the card. My advice, the one is near to your house. For my case, I chose Post Office in TESCO Shah Alam, its near my office
  4. Next step, you have to bank in some money to your account.You can pay by online (FPX) using Maybank2u or CIMBClick, or cash at counter(POS Malaysia,CIMB or BSN). Minimum payment is RM50. So, RM 50 it is hehe nothing more nothing less

The card will be ready in a week, so after that you have to go the selected POS Office. (Notification: maybe they will call you, i will update on that)

Before using the card, you have to activate it.

To activate your Card via, you will have to first log-in with your user ID, password and security question, then follow the steps in the card activation section, and key in the card number and expiry date. Once verified by our system, the Card is activated.

Anyway, If you still not sure please read terms and service here


139 thoughts on “Apply Visa Debit Card at Tune

  1. ArahMan7

    Kenapa cari yang jauh2 padahal yang dekat ada. Apply aje Visa Debit card dengan Public Bank – jauh lebih mudah. Boleh digunakan keluar duit melalui ATM.

  2. ArahMan7

    Sharing is caring:

    Kena attached Pos Money around RM 50? Takde plak camtu. Taktau le, kok peraturan baru, tapi dulu tak kena attach apa2pun.

    Abg dulu apply melalui Website Public Bank. Hantar maklumat melalui pos – no money attachment. Lebih kurang 10 hari dapat surat dari dia orang – buat pengesahan diPublic Bank terdekat dengan tempat tinggal.

    DiBank, masukan deposit sekurang2nya RM50. 10 hari kemudian dapat kad melalui pos juga.

    Dapat kad, apa lagi? Terus verify diPayPal.

    Sekian, adanya.

  3. lankapo Post author

    tu lah bang, masalahnya takder reply…kena reject ker apa ker…so assume lah kena reject jer lah hehe

  4. senyum99

    Ya , saya ada dengar pasal tune money melalui siaran radio .

    Baru2 ne saya ada apply secara online , masih menungu jawapan lagi.

    harap harap tune money bakal berguna kapada sesiapa yang sering travelling kelak.

  5. lankapo Post author

    hai senyum99 :),

    yup say apun baru apply, shud be this week diaorg call untuk ambil kad tu di pejabat pos shah alam

    I will keep u update

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  11. Mfs

    Servis tune money so bad..reload melalui pejabat pos banyak masalah..duit saya tersangkut dari 17/12/2007 sehingga ke hari ini . Wang tersebut masih belum dimasukkan kedalam akuan tune money saya…tidak tahu tersangkut dimana?????

  12. lankapo Post author

    is that true..hmm tak pernah pak reload pakai pos ni.
    Masa nak ambik kad pun,kerani kat kaunter pun macam confuse tak reti nak guna, so maybe ada lah tu yg tersilap masuk tuh

    cara nak selamat pakai online jerk lah nak top up

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  14. faizul

    can somebody help me clarify this
    i just now made the online application for tunecard. at the step 5, i use fpx as my option of payment. My problem is, my stupid firefox browser block the popup from cimbclicks. And i cant find "return to fpx" button. so i just close the window as it. Now i dont know, what if the status, because i didnt see the last step, And when i login to tunemoney and click on tune card, i need to reenter the form, which meant i need to repay..

    how? can somebody lead me?

  15. lankapo Post author

    elo faizul,
    you better chek your cimb account whetver you have made the payment or not. From what I see, you still not made any payment and better resumbit the form again. Make sure you firefox allow pop up from cimbclick, ok and make the payment.

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  17. Ian

    Looks likes this card is getting some attention, but, atleast Visa Electron didnt charges for cahs reload..

    Here are my cents:

    Tune MOney really should not charge RM2 whenever we have to reload the card.

    I have a Visa Electron, it cost higher than Tune Card, and it requires higher minimum balance in the card. But atleast they didn’t charge any extras when i want to reload my card, or when i want to buy things from or, which requires currency conversion to USD..

    As for the other card, which is MOL Freedom Card by Eon bank, very bad customer service, and they have charges on currency conversion and card reloads, but atleast EON Bank allow a free cash reload if i choose to reload it via EON Bank counters..

    Back on Tune Card, the card design looks terrific, i loves especially the colour of the card, unfortunately, i don’t think that i can ever afford the RM2 reload fees.., so, not until Tune Money think of something that will benefit consumers like me, else, i don’t think that i can give Tune Card a try at all..

  18. lankapo Post author

    hi Ian,
    Thanks for your 2 cents, I can see that your main concerns is the RM2 hehe.
    I prefer to top up online and they will charge you only 50 cents.
    Tunecard is a "no frills" service just like air asia. Not every one need the same service.

    I use this Tunecard to cash out my paypal money.

    one question, since I never use other debit card before.
    Are there online, you can check your account online?

  19. ewan

    I’m experiencing the worst customer service from a financial service institution in the form of tunemoney. The system works fine, really. There is basically no hidden cost whatsoever for your transactions. And you can easily reload your money using FPX which only charges you 50sen. Im actually a very satisfied Tunemoney customer.


    When there is a problem, the customer service sucks BIG TIME. Let me explain. I’ve got a problem with my FPX transaction when i tried to reload my Tunecard. My bank account has been deducted, but my tunecard has not been topped up yet. I immediately sent an email to them regarding the matter. I thought it would take 2 working days to reply (as stated in the automated responce mail). Then after 3 days, i sent another email to since my account have still not been topped up. Still no response.

    Then I call my bank about the transaction. They’ve checked and confirmed that the transaction was successful. Even CIMB (the one handles tunemoney’s money) have confirmed to received the transaction. Only tunemoney have not been reporting the transaction. Again, tried to send another email. Failed. Something about a full inbox. Got fed up and called the 600-83-7999 no. Maybe this time we can settle this once and for all.

    I called and the operator takes his/her own sweet time (he/she sounds like a fag) asking about my details, while being fully aware that I’m being charged 78sen/min for the call. Ask me to spell my name, taking down numbers slowwly, etc. After that, i got down to business and tell him/her about the problem. I thought right there and then this could be settled. I mean, just check about the money and topped up my account already! He/she/it said that someone from the card dept will call me within 7 working days. 7!! What in the world??? Why dont it just direct me to someone in the card department in the first place??!

    Really got pissed off. Tunemoney is really a great service which everyone should enjoy but they REALLY REALLY NEED TO IMPROVE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE.. I guess that’s how they make money, which is from premium customer call charges. At least please make the customer service worth the money spent on the charges.

  20. lankapo Post author

    wahhh ni betul2 marah ni :) How much actually u bank in?
    They some time have major glitch in their online transaction. Last month I saw my account has – Rm 225. it can go crazy. But it only last for one day. Then it back to normal again.

    So sorry for your experience, you better complain direct to their CEO Tengku zafrul. I think you can find his email/blog on my post. Yeah I agree with you, customer service should be improve.

  21. Jess


    Did TuneMoney notify you when the card is really for pickup? Until now, I still haven’t got any call from them It has been 10 days.

    May I ask, for reload, how many days it takes effect? Can use the card to buy things the next day of reload?

  22. ewan

    My problem have been solved.

    Guess i was being a bit emotional about the whole thing. Stress sket ar. heh

    Nway, Tunemoney/tunecard is a really great product to have and I would still recommend my friends to have it.

    Just dont ignore the importance of customer service, and it’ll be PERFECT.

  23. lankapo Post author

    hi Jess,
    Tunemoney will not notify u, u should just go the your selected post office after 7 working days. to be safe, just call Tunemoney.If you use online reload, it should be immediately. If by  POS , it takes several days.:)If u r unlucky, might takes several weeks hahah.

    haha biasalah darah muda. U should read my complaint about streamyx, abis aku kutuk TM haha. Until I got the rebate. :)
    Terus puji balik hehe

  24. am

    Start guna dari Disember 2007 setakat ni okey je guna kad ni, isi minyak n shopping ok je
    top up guna online CIMB pun ok semua ok tiada pun ko maybe belum kot so ok je… 

  25. lankapo Post author

    hi am,
    bagus lah kalau banyak memberi manfaat. Musykil sket nih, aku cuba pakai kat pam minyk shell tapi tak bleh balance tak memadai

    ko pakai ok yerk?

  26. asher

    i enroll for tune money last week.Now i went to cimb bank to pay the 50RM for processing but the bank staff said they never heard TUNE MONEY and ask me to copy the site and submit to them.I only have the reference number from tunemoney.How to pay this 50RM if no body knows what im talking about?Somebody please tell me how and where to pay Tune Money 50RM.
    Please email me at, i need this tune card to be process as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  27. lankapo Post author

    hi asher,
    first of all welcome to my blog.
    Tune card is a new product I guess, so maybe that CIMB staff of that branch are not aware about this Tune Card. So, they are other way that you can pay the processing fee. I suggest you use online banking using maybank2u or CIMB clicks. Or pay at Pos Laju Malaysia. But they will charge you.

  28. lankapo Post author

    hi awan,
    Do you have a PayPal account? Did you verify it ? if yes, What type of credit card did you use ?

    PayPal only allow us to cash out our money into visa card. So Tune Card is my alternative since it is a Visa Debit Card.MAybe you should visit here for more info

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  31. xin

    hi lankapo: how to call that number? I really can’t figure out. I just pick up the phone and dial but it says invalid number all the time! help!

    xin’s last blog post..Genki Sushi in One-Utama

  32. lankapo Post author

    hi xin,
    maybe you did not pay the bills hehe *-* just kidding
    if you read my other readers comment, they have no problem calling TUNE MONEY , just use fixed line/land line xin

  33. Jenn

    Hi. I’m from Tune Money and I was amazed to find this site. Thanks for the good PR and customer service. Just to let you know though, we’re a prepaid card, not a debit card (there’s apparently a difference and Bank Negara is sticky about this).

    I apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced so far – if you find it difficult to get through to us, a comment at my boss’ blog ( will usually do the trick.

    We’re doing our best to give you something that’s not available in Malaysia yet, for the lowest possible cost. Kalau silap please bear with us, OK?


  34. lankapo Post author

    hi Jenn,
    Wahh it’s a great pleasure to have you here :). Finally someone from Tune money visit my blog.

    Good PR and Customer Service ? hehee no lah. Just explaining to my readers that’s all. :)

  35. mhdizam

    kenapa lah nak bayar mahal call no. 600 diaorang tu, dial aje 0333267999. huhu..

  36. sumu

    How possible for a person leaving out side malaysia to get this card?
    I once lived in malaysia and still have a maybank account to pay and reload online…But how do I get one?

  37. Jaselee

    I was just wondering something…1. Sending money from Paypal to Tunecard = charge USD 5.2. Tunecard will charge = $ or % from the amount drawnJust want to verify the last bit before jumping in to get the card.

    Jaselee’s last blog post..When We Were Young And Dumb

  38. lankapo Post author

    hi Jaselee,
    1. Paypal will charge you usd 5 to cash out to visa card/tune card
    2. From my experience, Tune card did not charge from the amount drawn, if you want to double check just ask tune card ceo

  39. coba

    To know your card is ready or not, just login to your account and if you see as this snapshot below, that mean your card is ready to collect at Pos Office, is that easy.

  40. eidawati

    Slm sejahtera.
    TQ for your info. I memang nak sgt apply debit card , apply kat Pbank, senyap je, dia org tak feedback pun, tak layan la tu. Tu tu smlm , i terbaca your blog, this morning terus je , i apply. Lega rasanya, bolehlah i verify i punya akaun paypal.

    eidawati’s last blog post..Boikot…..Boleh Kot!

  41. lankapo Post author

    pls log in to to apply for the card, senang jerk

    u are the very the welcome :)
    nice o hear that
    if u have any problem with the application just let me know ok

  42. ronnie kibuuka

    i want to have cash for free on my visa electron now am a ugandan.

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  44. joey

    is’t the tune money only for the malaysian. and how i pick up my card in post office. the problem is right now i’m staying in singapore. and decide to pick up my card in johore bahru. are they will call me outside the country.

  45. lankapo Post author


    no they will not call u, because they are so lazy :)

    just go straight away to your selected pos office after 7 working days.

    hope it helps


  46. babyfieza

    help me lorh…
    im da apply card ney…
    mslhnye i forgot my pswrd when im nak active my card…
    soalan lazim pown i tak ingat…
    so my account da kena block…
    card i until now x bole active lagi…
    mcm mane i nak buat…
    someone please halp me…
    how can i active my card???

  47. lankapo Post author

    @ babyfieza – rilek2 ok…first of all, dah klik ke forgot password or id ?
    pasal byk sgt u dah lupa ni, better u call saja Tune Money Customer Serivce ok
    603 – 2092 8555
    Operating hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm daily

    tips from me ;-
    pilih jawapan utk secret question yang senang2 aja. ok


  48. Carol

    hi lankapo, i just accidentally read your blog, huh, now I only know you apply public bank visa electron before, bad sound like a bad experienced..
    I am not sure later when I get mine, will have problem or not..

    1. lankapo Post author

      yup maybe my mistake, I should send it to the bank and ask for more info.Instead just blindly sent to the address without knowing that I need to pay certain amount of money for my application to be processed.

  49. epsicm

    ecuse me..i’m having a problem with tune money’s website lately.xboleh msk.
    does everybody else facing the same problem?coz i need to verify my paypal acc here

  50. lankapo Post author

    hi epcism,

    MM biasa lah tu, kadang-kadang dia ada mengong sket hehe. Kejap je tu. Ok dah rasanya

  51. lanxp

    betul tuh mengong tul tunemoney, nak kena tune kepala diorang nih.
    Aku reload dah 5 hari ni tak masuk2 lagi, adeh…
    customer services dah telefon sampai 3 kali.

    Mula-mula kata dalam 15 minit boleh clear, pastu cakap next day after 4PM, nih suh email plak, bila mau clear da..

    sib baik bulan pose…

  52. lankapo Post author

    @ lanxp – biasalah tu..nasib tak baik memang kena. Next time ko call CS , cakap je ko dah post kat blog ceo dia and will call him personally kalau tak setel jugak…gertak sket bro

  53. muaz

    mate , i owe u one. when i’m very desperate to find a way to get my money into pay pal, and thanks to you, i know how but applying tune money…cheer’s mate….

  54. lankapo Post author

    @ Muaz – No problem bro. But you should know tha you can only cash out money from PayPal bro using Tune Card. Not put in money to PayPal :)

  55. kotoh

    Hi Bro,

    I have been withdrawing my PayPal fund which transferred to Tunemoney and cash it out through CIMB Bank with hassle free 2 times already. You can see some screen shots <a“>here</a>. I think cannot withdraw my PayPal fund until now if I didn’t found this info from your blog. Thanks a lot bro!

    Public Debit Card? 3 months already I apply, but still no reply. I think just forget about it lah. Anyway, I think you could make money from them if put some aff link here if they provide one. Above link is not aff link rite?

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ Azri – salam azri. Sorry lah bro. Kad Visa BSN ni lagi lah tak buleh pakai hehe. Dah ramai yang complaint. One more thing, you cannot put your money into PayPal using your card.You can only cash out your money from PayPal.

      You can pay other online money maker to tranfer their PayPal money to your account.Forum yang dijamin selamat untuk mencari dealer

  56. hany

    i want to get one of your debit

    cards but i only have one way to

    pay the fees and make deposit to

    the card which is virtual card

    (gift card) can i do this through

    you . thanx

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ hany – first of all, this is not my debit card. What do you mean by gift card ? Could you explain more, thanks

  57. zarra

    sy mmg dah lame nk pakai debit card tp tak tau mane nk mule…ade bace kat web tune money…nmpk mudah…

    nak tanye…kalo sy nak purchase ape2 barang dari overseas blh x? pastu nk masukkan bonus skali dalam card tu..blh keR? sy teringin nk join vemmabuilder…ade pape suggestion x…tq

  58. lankapo Post author

    @ zarra – Hi zara. Tune Card boleh di gunakan untuk mebeli barang secara online, cuma pastikan bakinya cukup sahaja. Bonus gaji ke nak masukkan dalam Tune Card ? Boleh explain tak . Vemma builder ni saya kurang pengetahuan lah, so tak reti nak komen

    thanks zara

  59. seed

    Saya dah 9 bulan guna Tune Card, So far, not bad. Pernah membeli barangan dari ebay menggunakan Tune Card – langsung tiada masalah. Sejak punyai Tune Card saya jarang bawa duit banyak kalau nak shopping. Nak tanya, RHB Cash Connect yg baru dilancarkan ada verify Pay Pal ke? Apakah lagi keistimewaannya yg lain..TQ

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ seed – I wish I could answer your question.Unfortunately I never try RHB Cash Connect.Anyway, I will try check it out for you ok.Thanks for drop by.

  60. seed

    Tertinggal satu perkara , satu hal yg buat saya unhappy, hampir 9 bln guna tune card, sampai sekarang masih belum terima pin code. Dah berbuih mulut call cust. service, diaorg ckp nak htr, tak dpt pun. Pastu kelmarin call semula, diorag ckp nak call balik tp haram belum lagi. Camne tu?

  61. bdkbarubelajar

    utk kad debit visa ne.. antara tunemoney ngan publicbank debit card.. mana lebey bagus dia punya service ek?? mintak penjelasan lankapo ye.. ada apa2 cas x?? cas apa2 laa.. nak apply gak debit kad ne… tapi xpasti yg mana 1.. plzzz help me…

  62. lankapo Post author

    @seed – report jer kat ceo dia. post comment kat blog dia, confirm cepat setel.

    @budak baru belajar- mm of course lah aku suh ko pakai tunecard, sebab aku pakai ok je. public bank debit card pun ok jugak, tapi detail dia aku tak sure lah.

    kalau tune card – setahun charge rm 10,sekali top up rm 50.
    masa nak kutip kat pos ofis RM 3. Top up online RM.50

  63. Vee

    actualy i nak buat debit kad tp tak tau mcmna prosedur nya.. ni nak minta tnjuk ajar dr lankapo ni..

  64. lankapo Post author

    @ Vee – hi Vee. Senang jer, just sign up online at Follow the procedures. Any problem just ask ok .

  65. bdkbrbelajar

    bro lankapo.. aku dah apply tune card… nak tanya.. deposit yg pertama ngko wat kat mana hr tu??? 50hinggit kan.. lama x nak tggu kad sampai kat pej pos yg kita pilih??

  66. lankapo Post author

    @ budak baru bljr – aku top up mas sign up tu. Online EFX guna maybank2u charge dia 50 sen.

    Kalau masa amik kat pejabat pos pun bleh top up.

    7 hari berkerja bro. call dulu lah sng nak confirm

  67. lankapo

    @ seed – oklah tuh. Buleh lah nak keluar duit kat ATM hehe. Ingat hanya CIMB ATM sahaja.Yang lain kena caj RM 10 hehe

  68. TuneItUpMoney

    Saya pakai Tune Card beli Nasi Lemak okay je. Xda apa2 masalah pon. Tapi dekat account statement dia tak tulis nasi lemak, dia tulis “nasi kerabu mangga” itu yg saya musykil sekarang ni…

  69. lankapo Post author

    @ tuneitupmoney – nasi lemak yerk, nanti tapau untuk aku 2 nasi dagang ble? :)

    @ didi – elo didi, sila2 visit blog butuk hamba ini yer

  70. niza

    HYE lankapo….
    tadi soklan sy apa ek?
    sy tanya soklan trus jek off kan comp..
    pastu on balik dah tak dek jwpn dr soklan….
    apa ek?

  71. kampungboy

    bro,camne ek nk topup tune card pkai maybank2u?
    saya budak baru blaja..tulung kabo caranya… ;-p

  72. desaboy

    lankapo – Quite desperate to have a Debit Card for Ebay purposes. Please suggest from your opinion whether Tunemoney is hassle free and fast service ! Now holds Maybank Debit Card but no online facility, just damn frust now. Is Tunemoney debit card being recognised worldwide for purchasing purposes and what kind of fees they imposed for every transaction including ebay/paypal. Thank you for your prompt reply if obliged.

    1. lankapo Post author

      @desaboy – Well I am not so sure about Tune Card now, as many people complain about their customer service. But for purchasing online should be no problem. How about Public Bank Debit Card ? Maybe you can give it a try first.

      Honestly I still push for Tune Card but I cannot guarantee their CS, :)/ Good Luck

  73. hova


    i would like to ask anybody who has experience succesfully to pay for tunemoney registration fee 9.90 and topup via post office or cimb branches and get their tunemoney card 7 days later.

    how actualy the method that need to be used? is it using cash deposit form for cimb bank and kiriman wang pos for post office?

  74. miss ooi

    i’m a malaysian. but i already out of country now so can i still get it? after i apply online, can the card received by post? hope will get you soon, thanks!

  75. lankapo Post author

    @ miss ooi 

    you can aply online, bu the problem is, Tune Money will send the card to Post Office that you selected. So you need to pick it up first at the Post Office here in Malaysia.
    Maybe you can apply when you get back here on holiday :)
  76. muse,eddy rempit dan henTai

    allllooooo bro….
    mcm ni cite sebenarnya…kami xbrape faham..
    duit kami dh bank in… mcm mana kami nk tau duit 2 btol2 dh sampai kt dorg?
    btol ke slps 7ari tepat boleh amek tunecard kt pjbt pos?\
    mmg xde confirmation ape2 ke?

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ muse and the geng,
      selamat dtg ke blog aku..
      duit korang dah bank in, pakai cash deposit ke ? anyway simpan resitnya ok.
      nak kata tepat tu tidak jugak, ada yang lambat sket. Tapi kalau nak chek dulu bleh call diaorg sebelum pergi. Ingat hanya setelah 7 hari bekerja, so cuti tak masuk.

      memang takder confirmation, bila dapat kad buleh activate dan tgk baki di online statement.

  77. muse,eddy rempit dan henTai

    bro lankapo…
    thanks… love u… mmuuacchhhxxx…ahakks
    nnt klu ada soklan nnt, kami tanya sifu…hoho

  78. dedy al payet

    Hi lan. aku da start pakai kad tune dari jan 08 tapi sejak beberapa kad kredit jatuh ke tangan aku, aku da stop pakai kad tune dari april 08 sampai skarang. balance pun tak sampai rm 50. Aku ada gak nak masukkan RM300 sebagai emergency use. last top up feb 08 pakai fpx sebab murah (sepatutnya reload duit TAK PATUT bayar RM0.50 atau RM2=cekik darah). Skarang nak top up ke fpx lagi mcm tak boleh. Hanya wait,wait akhirnya transaction failed. Mcm mana eh? apa pun aku MAYBANK VISA PETRONAS CARD masih pilihan aku untuk membayar kerana dapat kumpul treat point, diskaun kat carrefour, privillage sana sini dan GOLD card sebab Maybank takde SILVER CARD :) Sharing is caring kan :) So fpx reload tune card ada prob ke skang ni?

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ dedy ,
      bro, orang biasa pakai debit Tune Card ni untuk keluarkan duit dari PayPal, seanng cerita untuk yang buat duit online la. Kalau setakat nak berbelanja di pasaraya baik pakai credit card bai hehe.Gold card tuh..

      Kalau nak top up pakai fpx, make sure ko disable popup blocker ko dulu.Biasanya tu lah antara sebab transaction failed.

  79. omanis

    Saya baru request Tune Card selepas tunggu sebulan lebih Public Bank Debit Card tak dapat2. Tapi marah juga masa nak complete kan form tu adake dia paksa letak nama company, address dan fax. Satu pun sya takde. Bahagian nature of work tu pun tak ada pilihan yang tepat, letak je yang hampir – Non financial – lebih kurang gitu lah. Ha ha siapa lah yang design form macam tu. Kalau saya CEO dah transfer dia ke tempat lain. Tapi lain dpd tu ok je. Cuma nampak tak professional sebab tak boleh bagi notice bila kad sampai. Terima kasih.

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ omanis,
      hehe maybe it’s just default form, letak je. bukan diorg cek pun.

      so what is your intention to have Tune Card ni ? Any particular reason

  80. nasrie

    sy br je dpt tune debit kad 2 ari pas. tp, asal lak initial load  rm100  ilang dr balance kt website tune pas verify ek? mmg cmtue ke ape? nk g check kt atm tk dpt pin agi,, adessshhhh.. sumbodi elppp!!

    p/s: bole e-mail trus kt sini ek..

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ nasrie
      bro, dulu initial load pakai apa ? post office ke ? cash deposit ke ? FPX maybank2u ?
      klu still takder jugak, u shud call Tune Money Customer Service, diorg will track the money. Just make sure simpan resit or proof of payment. Penting ni.

      Untuk verify PayPal, minimum RM 50 lah, senang kira. As PayPal will charge you small amount USD1.90. Tapi selepas verify, PayPal akan pulangkan balik dalam akaun, don’t worry.

  81. nasrie

    adesshh,, agi 1,, lupa lak,, hehe,, nk verify paypal gune tune card kena de balance bpe hinggit ekk? sy nk verify tkleh dowl.. balance skang 0.01 =( tue pon sbub initial load yg mula2 (rm100) tu ilang.. ellppp~~~

    p/s: kt sini pon bole e-mail sy ek..

  82. Faruki

    Saya baru lagi dalam Paypal ngan Tune Money. ..
    saya ada sikit kemusykilan..
    kalau kita boleh verify Paypal guna tune money, kena x boleh reload guna TuneMoney jugak?

  83. cookdong

    salam..lan kapo..apekah kad debit yang terbaik buat masa ni??cadangkan alternatif  juga ye^^

    1. lankapo Post author

      salam cookdong,

      the best debit card I only use so far Tune Money card so I cannot give fair opinion.
      For me its depend on your needs. Whetver you want to use it for shopping or making money online.

      If you want to use it for shopping then i suggest Maybank Debit Card, but for PayPal verification, cash out money from Paypal may be you can try Al-Rahji, TuneMoney or Public Bank.

  84. Saiful

    Aq baru nk apply. Anybody, can tell me how I need to do after register in tunemoney website

    Kata kena pi kat pejabat pos. Tp wat pe yea???

  85. akil

    saya dah apply online tune money ni…tp kompius sikit, saya
    ingat nak buat initial reload kat BSN.. tp tak tau bila saya perlu initial reload tu, lepas dapat kad ke sebelum?
    kad saya tak dapat lagi..
    em ke saya tak dapt kad sebab saya tak bual initial reload tu lagi…?
    bleh sesiapa jawab?
    maaf  la saya budak baru belajar..

  86. lankapo Post author

    Dear Akil,
    Yup kena bayar dulu baru leh dpt kad.:)

    Klu ada Maybank2u lagi baik, buat pembayaran online.

  87. bolaboling

    bro lankapo,
    first top-up RM50 tu, akan masuk ke akaun baru kite tu ke?
    or is it a one-time charge utk hidupkn kad?

  88. cloud

    hi.nak tanya ni.bleh tak beli brg online pakai kad bsn matrix visa electron??

    1. lankapo Post author

      @ cloud,

      kad BSN hehe..nama jek gempak..matrix lah visa lah electron la..tapi hampeh..lupakan je la

      Kalau nak guan utk online, Tune Card lah ok.

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  90. Anis

    I really love my Tune Money Card,
    never hv probs wf it,
    I just withdraw 495$ USD to my Tune Money
    card :)for the first time,of course
    ask on Saturday,got on Monday..hehe’
    quite fast,already cash out today at CIMB atm.Yay!

    1. Deux @ Credit Card Malaysia

      $495? That’s quite some money u made online eh? Anyway, how is the response of tune debit card?

      1. lankapo Post author

        Hi Deux,

        I was a afew years ago from my article and link sales. Nowdays I use Maybank visa debit card to cash out my money from PayPal

  91. mommysarah

    card tune money ni boleh buat ayment kalau beli barang dari international seller ke?

  92. Sapawi

    Hi Lan Kapo. How are you? Hope you’re fine. This is a great article on debit card. Why? Since most Malaysians cannot afford to apply for a credit card due to their job history or any possible reason, this article shows them the solution or alternative to credit cards.

    I found (from this post) that not only the Tune Money Debit card but there are other debit cards now like Maybank Visa, Public Bank Visa, Ambank Mastercard NexG.

    I have the Public Bank debit card and has been using it for 3 years now and all the purchase I make is using online payment.

    However, some sites refused to accept this but most sites will do.

    Today, based on my experience, it should be pretty easy to apply for Public Bank debit card. Just go to nearby Public Bank branch and ask for it. Just get your IC and RM25 ready and you should get it within 2 to 3 weeks at most.

    Thanks. Lan Kapo, your English is really good.
    .-= Sapawi´s last blog ..Alain Robert The Spiderman Climbs The Petronas Towers =-.

  93. peter

    never ever do it, do not apply for TuneMoney card, it is the worst service I have ever used, very bad service, very bad costumer service, unless you want to go ahead and try then you know what I mean

  94. lankapo

    hi peter,

    last time yes,
    there has been some major problem with their service after TZ resign.

    Now after some upgrade on their website, maybe they have upgrade their service too.

    You can check out at their facebook/pages/tune-money
    to complain and comment

  95. Angel_cms91

    i would like to query after reloading tune money card can i withdrawal out cash from tune money too?

  96. Pingback: Anonymous

  97. Pingback: Debit Card. Transaksi Domestik/antarabangsa - Tanya@Putera

  98. Pingback: Apply Visa Debit Card at Tune | Show Me the MONEY!

      1. Lee

        Hey u can withdraw it out of paypal and get the amount of money at atm , because that option is offered by paypal itself right? By the way how is the problem of different currencies? By the way if i verified my alerpay account just like paypal using credit card(tune-in) , by all right it should be the same right? Meaning i can withdraw cash out using tune-in too if alertpay offer the option too with visa logo embedded? Thanks for replying.

        1. lankapo Post author

          Yup. But nowdays, I prefer to use Maybank Debit Card. I currently do not use my Tune card more. I prefer to use Maybank because it is easy and convenient.

          If alertpay offer to withdraw to visa, then should be no problem. Good Luck

          1. Lee

            This visa debit card works exactly like a real credit card except that u have to top up beforehand right? I need to do online transaction which accept visa or mastercard , that is why i am choosing tune-in because i can apply for one without age restriction and i can own one for online transaction. By the way i need to ask how do the currency exhange take place , lets say i buy something online which cost usd10 and around rm30+ will be deducted from my card? Is that how it works? And by withdrawing fund into my tune-in account , is there any cash threshold?

  99. Lohrasb

    I had a bitter experience with Tune Money Visa card. On Monday, October the third, I was trying to reload my card. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to enter my card number in order to proceed. When calling these people, they told me my card has been inactivated. When asking them about the problem and the required time to tackle it, they did not give me any specific answer. However, keeping calling them till evening finally did fruit and they told me due to an error in the system, some people are having the same problem. However, at time of writing these lines, about 7 p.m. still the problem exist and I am not able to reload my card. I learned my lesson and would like to share this experience with the others: Tune Money is not a reliable system and it seems it is still early for these folks to operate this finance system. I very much recommend the card holders to use a real banking system with a strong support such as Am Bank. During few years of using their NexG MasterCard, I never came across such a silly problem and I am going to apply for a new one.

    1. lankapo Post author

      Dear Lohrasb,
      Maybe you are rite, customer support is important. If you cannot help your client then it will damage the business.

      I prefer to use Maybank Debit card to cash out my money from PayPal. Easy and secure.

      By the way, what do you use Ambank NexG for?

      1. Lohrasb

        Dear Iankapo

        The AmBank NexG card can be fully utilized as a [debit] credit card: Shopping online and even using it my trips overseas. Their support is great; they won’t let you down. By the way, it is 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday and the problem with Tune Money still exists. However, I appreciate your advice and will consider MayBank debit card as well.

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