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lankapo On March - 15 - 2011


IMG 20110314 00028 Hot Girls Using Facebook to Scam

Well Well..another succesfull scammer. This time she is using Facebook. What a surprise !. But the MO is always the same. Seduce unlucky guy to believe that she is from oversea and hot (off course). Its always because the opposite sex and they always has accomplice to act as the custom officer.

This is not the first time , so please be extra careful. No matter how attractive, hot, sexy or how desperate this girl is, there must be something wrong when suddenly they show interest on you. There must be something that they are up to and that is your $MONEY$.

We never know what kind of trick that this LOOSER will come out in the future. Just bare in mind, when its involved $MONEY$ please DOUBLE check it with relevant authorities. Be safe.

pixel Hot Girls Using Facebook to Scam

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  1. papabear says:

    Alhamdulillah aku dah selamat nikah and ada anak hehe.. dah tak de masa nak cari blondes..

  2. yeah interesting this post and good your thought for hot girls .really perfect posting

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