How to Remove Spam Message from your Facebook

Annoying Message

I received a lot of spam message from my Facebook friend such as “lol check out this girl, bla bla bla..”, with a link to click. I believe once you click the link it will infected your to your Facebook account. I thought that the Facebook account has been compromised and i always ask my friends who get infected to change their password and scan their pc. But still did not solve the problem. (more…)

How to Speed Up your Facebook, Malaysia only

Why So SLOW lar

If you noticed that lately your Facebook loading is really slow and takes hours to upload your favorite picture. Then its not your broadband provider faults. (But you can still call them just for fun hehe). Actually the Japan Earthquake has damaged Japan – US Cable Network (JUCN) and Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) cable networks linking Malaysia to USA and Hong Kong. Refer TM Announcement .

Frankly, what we are facing rite now (slow internet) is nothing compared to Tsunami and Earthquake victim. So you should be grateful that only internet is slow. Imagine some of them don’t even have food supply,electricity, phone and internet. I read in the news some of them have to sleep in the car until running out of fuel because of no electricity.  So please don’t complain much.

How To Speed Up your Facebook

I know as soon you open your eyes, it will blue icon pop out in your eyes. 24 Hours Facebook rite. So loading is the critical factor. Thanks to Mr LiewCF for this tips. I am using Linux and its work for me.

Here are the instructions for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X users. ( has the credit for Windows and Linux instructions)

Windows users:

  1. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  2. Open hosts file with notepad.exe
  3. Add the following:
  4. Save.
  5. Visit and enjoy the fast speed!

Linux/Ubuntu users:

  1. Go to Application –> Accessories –> Terminal
  2. key in the following: sudo gedit /etc/hosts
  3. Under , input the following:
  4. Click Save
  5. Close gedit and terminal.
  6. Visit and enjoy the fast speed!
From My Julia Desktop

Mac OS X users:

  1. Open (Application -> Utilities -> Terminal
  2. type: sudo nano /etc/hosts
  3. type your password when prompted
  4. Add this line at the end of file:
  5. Press Control-O to save the file, press Enter on filename prompt.
  6. Press Control-X to exit the text editor.
  7. (optional) Flush DNS cache with the command: dscacheutil -flushcache
  8. Visit and enjoy the fast speed!

Lastly I will not be held responsible if something wrong with your account. Chrome browser will trigger error on my first attempt to open Facebook account. Its maybe because we are not using unsecure connection HTTPS. But as along as my facebook load faster than you, HTTPS who ? hehehe

According to LiewCF

The information I found out about the IP address [] is that it is a AkamaiGHost (Akamai’s HTTP Acceleration service), which is designed to serve as a “geographically co-located caching server” for a website. [source]

You are recommended to turn on Facebook secured connection (HTTPS) for additional protection.

Hope these helped.



FREE PDRM Summons Alert with MyEG


This is one email that you don’t want to receive at all. But if you received it, then you must have done something wrong on the road. OR someone using your car and break the rules.  By subscribing to MyEG’s FREE service, they will inform and remind you via email if you have any new summons. So you can pay it within 2 weeks to get the discounts. One more thing when you receive the summons email early, you can recall the driver of you car at that time and be extra careful in the future.

The most important thing, if you are very sure that your car is not at the location mention on the summons. Then you can challenge the summons and refer to PDRM for photos taken review but you have to pay for it.

PDRM Summons Alert Free Registration

PDRM Summons Payment (Login Required)


Good News: Summons Discount deadline extended to March 10

Last time when  I watched the news, the Home Minister really confident that the Cabinet will not extend the Summons Discount deadline. He said that the time given was long enough for traffic offender to settle their summons with discount. But now, its look like the Cabinet knew that without the discount, for sure traffic offender will not pay. It will cost more to hunt this people down.

So better to extend the dateline so more people can pay their traffic summons. So clever !.

So to you all out there who still have unpaid summons, now is the time to pay. Don’t wait until last minute and crash the MyEG and PDRM server. Then complain because you cannot pay online or long que at the police traffic station.



Few days ago and when I post my entry on How To Pay Your Summons Online using MyEG, yup, the PDRM server was down and cannot be accessed due to high traffic. Even trying to log in was very slow. It took hours to access PDRm server.

Now the online system is back to normal, and you can pay your summons online with myEG. Don’t wait until it’s too late. I have check it twice. All system is back to normal.

check saman


Traffic summonses: Discount deadline extended to March 10

PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has agreed to extend the 50% discount on traffic summonses to March 10, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said Wednesday.

He said this was to give offenders more time to settle their summonses.

Despite the six-month grace period to settle summonses with a 50% discount, 17.3 million summonses remain unpaid when the initial deadline ended on Feb 28.


Check and Pay your summon online using MyEG

Last week I saw on the news a lot of people queuing up to pay their traffic summons. I was thinking, can you check your traffic summon online and even pay it online? The answer is yes you can. Using MyEG, you can check and pay it online. In fact, I already use it to pay my summon for traffic obstruction. That cost me RM 30.

Below is some picture that I took to give you all some clear picture. Its easy, just provide your IC number and vehicle plat number plus its free.

  1. Just key in your IC number and Vehicle Registration Number and wallaa, all your summon will be displayed. If nothing appear on the screen then lucky you. You have been a good driver.

If you have a summon, all the details will be displayed like time, type of offense and how much you have to pay. If you are lucky you will get special discount 50%. I think it will end this February. So better hurry up.

Then click proceed to Payment.


Successfully Transfer Money from PayPal to Maybank Account

hi Guys,

if you read my last entry about my review on transfer money from PayPal to Maybank Account, now I would like to update on it. I receive the money on Monday after 12 pm.

There is a few things that i found out :

#1. Duration of Transfer : It will take 2 working days. As for me, I cash out on Wednesday. 2 working days means Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday is not working day. So I only received my money on Monday. Next time make sure you cash out your money to Maybank account on Monday.

p/s Do you know know how many times I log in to Maybank2u using my BlackBerry and  laptop Dell, almost every hour. Especially on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I am just a little excited.

#2 No fee charges from Maybank : I should get RM 570.44 base on my PayPal calculation from USD 192. And I did get the same amount in my Maybank account. So its true, this transaction is free for amount above  RM 400.00.

p/s But PayPal did charged USD 8 from  USD 200 that i received.That is why I cash out USD 192. : )

That is all for now. Drop in some comment and i would happy to answer. Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.

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