Ubuntu T-Shirt for Sale RM 35

Ubuntu T shirt for sale, anybody interested ? . I am just helping a friend here.  In collaboration with the release of Ubuntu Oneieric Ocelot, so it’s the rigth time to have a black t shirt with Ubuntu logo. “Oneiric Ocelot” is the code name for Ubuntu 11.10, scheduled for release on 13 October 2011

This is a good promotion to other PC user that Linux is  easy and enjoy to use. Plus you will look super geek with Ubuntu Tshirt. Everybody will notice you. Hot  chix love geek hehe.

If you are interested please click here http://goo.gl/oBxjv to fill in the form. Cheap cheap one


Using Google Public DNS to bypass SKMM Block in Linux

What Is Google Public DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name System and its purpose is to translate to computers what we human refer to as website names. In other words DNS transforms hostnames into IP addresses which are required in order to access any site out there. DNS will make your pc into IP address. So if you use Google DNS, SKMM cannot block your IP since its different form TM ip adress. am I right?

We can’t surf the web without DNS so we definitely need it in our lives. Google Public DNS will let you and me access the Internet in a different way. Google has the power and resources to offer you faster responses to your searches and to your web surfing. The company has developed a huge cache of popular domains which are continuously refreshed. Whenever you point your browser to one of those web sites Google will display the site a lot faster than our regular ISP does.

From Jun 16, 2011

Aiya so easy lah to bypass this SKMM block, no need to support Anonymous hackers. Just use Public Google DNS either in Windows or Linux. Just follow the step below : (more…)

Choose Ubuntu Official Ad

Ubuntu has launched a new Youtube Channel, Celebrate Ubuntu to promote Ubuntu. The commercial featured a lot of Ubuntu Key performance for marketing. Which is a good step to grab the attention and interest of other PC user to try Ubuntu.

I am not asking you to try install it straight away. But you can try it using LiveDVD. Get the feel of Ubuntu. Feel the power open source

Choose Ubuntu

Angry Bird is on HTML5, now everyone can play

This Angry bird game is really addictive. No wonder it is so popular. There are so cute to be thrown away. You got to try it first to feel how angry the bird are hehe.

Now any browser that have HTML5 can play Angry bird. Rovio team are so kind to let Ubuntu user especially to play with the famous Angry Birds. Before this Ubuntu user have been left out since Angry Birds can be installed on most  of mobile and dekstop platforms such as iOs, Android, WIndows Mobile, Amaon Kindle, Mac OS X and Windows.

You can play it on Chrome or Firefox. Try it here


LINUX is everywhere!

Introduction to LInux
I would say that I am still a newbie in Linux. Still have to learn a lot of thing. But I really like the idea of Linux. The knowledge that we can share and improve the technology. Watch the video and you will understand the history behind Linux. 20 years ago, Linus Trovald is just another computer nerd who change the history of computing. He was so naive at that time. The famous Linus is so humble till now his blog is only using blogspot here.


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