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Hi everybody,

I would like to share one simple tip on how to get some idea on popular keyword. This popular keyword is important if you want to get organic search from internet and monetize your blog with high traffic. Its also good to keep to keep up to date on your niche to make your blog more relevant. A trending topic, is something which people are searching the most at current moment

One thing for sure, you need to optimized your blog post for search engines. By using Google Insight Search, you can see what is internet user around the world are searching for. You can customized o see what Malaysian are searching for the last 7 days, 1month or several years. Isn’t that awesome.

Manipulate Search Data

Futhermore, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. See examples of how you can use Google Insights for Search. So you can manipulate the data to suit with your needs. But please, don’t simply write something that you have zero knowledge about it for the sake of SEO. Don’t cut and paste from other article. Provide new idea and interesting article that will benefit your reader.

For example, my blog popular keywords are “Maybank” and “PayPal”. So I just put both keywords ,set Malaysia and search from  within 30 days. From there you can see variation of keywords that Malaysian searched. So from this you can get some idea on what to write about. The more compelling your content is, more traffic will stick to your site.

From Recently Updated

Insert at Search terms: Maybank, PayPal
Filter setting : Web search,
Country : Malaysia
Time range: Last 12 month.

In short,  Google Insight Search will help to  increase your SEO ranking and make your site more relevant and up to date.

p/s This tips is brought to you by Mr Bear, because he is the one who tipped me about Google Insight Search : )

$100 – $ 200 million for Zynga from Google

1_google_logo Its not a rumours anymore, Google is really serious to create Google Games by investing $ 100 to $ 200 Million to Zynga according to TechCrunch.3187v10-max-250x250 As we all know Zynga a popular social game developer such as Farmville, Frontierville and host other games in Facebook. According to PC World , there is a strong hint that Google Games will set to launch end of this year.

I would not surprise as Social Game is the main attraction for user to stick to their laptop hours and become addicted. A lot of them(including me) willing to pay to get more special items and energy :). Online payment such as PayPal is easy to use. Just give your PayPal email address  and click. I just hope that Google Game will not only use Google Checkout as payment gateway and replace PayPal. Hopefully they will use open payment gateway. (more…)

Speed Factor New Google Ranking Factor

Its look like Google has introduce new key factor for Page ranking. It is none other than speed factor. In other word your page loading will determine your page rank in the future. According to Google, even though it is not fully implemented yet but this will be another key element beside unique content and back link to determine your Page Rank . As a site owner we must take this a new challenge to optimize our website. (more…)

My Low Adsense Earning and Pagerank Update


Everytime when I switch on my laptop and surf internet. The first 4 site that I will check are my Gmail, Facebook,Malaysiakini and  Adsense Earning. Eventhough I don’t update my blog for 2 months. Just hoping that miracle happen and reader will click my Adsense Ad on my old post. I realise that to increase my Adsense earning, I have to write and update my blog regularly with fresh content . That is the only way. Hoping for people to read my old post and click my Adsense Ad is just selfish. (more…)

Definition of Adult and Mature content by Adsense

Last week I received an email surprisingly from Google Adsense team.They warned me for having adult and mature content in one of my celebrity update blog.

They asked me to remove 2 of my posting that have adult and mature content or action will be taken.Of course they will not arrest me for not fully understand their policies. But if my account get banned, all my earning will be suspended. I heard a lot of blogger mourning because their thousand dollar income is banned by Adsense Team. So before thing get worse, better I remove all my posting with nude,topless,sex tape and explicit pictures.

To be honest, there are no such picture in my celebrity blog just tags to improve my SEO. It just hot story and juicy content hehe. But since Google Adsense did not like my idea, so to be safe I removed all my posting that is not safe to watch with my children or my boss. (more…)

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