Update your Calendar 2012 with Google Calendar

2012 is just around the corner. Time fly so fast. Are you ready for 2012 ? Be organize and plan your holidays by updating your Google Calendar with Malaysia’s Public Holiday for 2012.

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With Google Calendar not only you can update Malaysia’s Public Holiday, but also from other country like Europe and Asia. You also can get weather update, Islamic Holidays and your favorite football team fixture and result.

You also can get notification thru sms and email for your wife birthday and anniversary. This is important because sometime you will tend to miss it. So better be prepared. Plus you can make it annually, just set the date to notify you annually, so easy.


Google Promotes Google Accounts

“One name, one password” With Google that is all you need to use all Google Product and  Free Services. This is what the new Google webpage is telling you. Using a Google account, you can share photos with Picasa, track your favorite stocks, get more storage for your email with GMail, share your schedule with Google Calendar, create web pages with Blogger and collaborate on documents with Google Documents, make free phone calls and chat face to face, get personalized search results and personalized news, create custom maps and get the same experience on multiple devices. There’s a lot you can do if you have a Google account.



Chat Google Talk Guru



Meet  Google Talk Guru!

This new service is not an April fool joke from Google. This one really works not like GMail Motion. Google Talk Guru is a new service that you add as your buddy in your Google Talk. But what you can do with Google Guru ? Simple, you can ask for certian information and get a fast response.

Just send a chat invitation to [email protected] This is an experiamental services, so still still in developing mode and cam be improve. You can get information like sports results, weather forecasts, definition of words via chat. Just ask Google Guru and he will provide you with answer. Just follow this simple step : (more…)

Why You Should Focus on Organic Traffic


I am going to say this once, your loyal readers will not click your Adsense Ads. Why ?. For a start, they know you will earn money for it. So off course your friedn will not click your Adsense Ads, hehe. Just kidding. Why your loyal reader will not click your AdSense Ads is most probably because of ad blind. In other words they worganic trafficill automatically skip and ignore the ads.

So who actually will click your Adsense Ads ? Simple it is from organic visitor. NO they are not plant or bio organic kind a thing. Its actually user who search on Google for specific keyword like “How to Be Rich like Lankapo” haha. So if they end up on my blog, they will read my content and will click other link to get more information. This is where your AdSense Ads should be visible and blend with your blog theme to make it CLICKABLE.


Why are my Adsense earnings dropping?


Making money online with AdSense is like  selling your content to your reader. A lot of factors has to be consider in order to get a click on expensive ads. In my experience sometime I got a lot of click nearly 20 plus but my AdSense earnings is still low. I just want to share and discuss a good article from AdSense website about why our AdSense’s earnings go up and down over time. (more…)

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