No More Streamyx at Home


Minimal Usage

I decided to potong my phone line and Streamyx last February. Well the main reason is because me and my wife already have  Celcom Broadband. So paying for a another Broadband is a waste of money. Plus beside surfing Facebook, I only read emails, chat online and read Malaysikini news..

Yes I know, TM have new package deal, cheap with Wifi modem. But we want to move out  and too many broadband is not good for your health :).

Well I got to thanks to Streamyx for the last 2 years service. I learn a lot from making money online, latest update on tech and etc.

As always, Internet is a window to everything. You can search and learn anything you want to know. (more…)

Tips on Transfer PayPal Money to Malaysian Bank

Hi Guys,

Its look like I have been busy with Facebook all this time, well  a lot of bloggers tend to spend more time on Facebook. Its a platform  that you can socialise with your friend, share update and not forgetting great online game. I was addicted especially to Barn Buddy and Mafia War until I decided to remove it all because i think I should do much more important thing than watching my virtual plan to grow.


Nevertheless, it has been a lot of update in Making Money Online especially in Malaysia. Where now you can transfer your PayPal money directly to your local bank. Isn’t it easy.Now I have nothing to blog about :). But bare in mind you still need the Credit card or Debit card to get PayPal verification. Below are 2 tutorial that teach you how to link and withdraw your money to local bank

  1. How to link your PayPal account to your Local Bank.
  2. How to withdraw money from your PayPal to local bank

Its very simple step to follow with picture step by step.

Few things that you should remember

  • Your name on PayPal account must be the same with your Bank account. If not than there would be some problem.
  • PayPal will charge you if you give them wrong info to link with your bank account so be extra careful.
  • There are 21 total banks in Malaysia that are currently supported by PayPal
  • The transaction will take up to 2-3 days
  • A fee of RM3 will be charge if your withdrawal is below RM400 around USD 115
  • If your withdrawal is above RM 400, no fees will be charge.
  • The default withdrawal limit is RM2000 a month. But you can change the amount once you verified.
  • You can add your PayPal money simply by add money to Debit/Credit card as PayPal will charge directly to  your card when you made payment using PayPal. So no worries when you dont have money in PayPal account.Easy.


PayPal just launched blog for South East Asia called PayPal UnBound. So its good to get update, event and latest tool available.

Welcome to PayPal Unbound, a blog written by the PayPal Singapore team about our company in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia or Singapore) and India. Here you will find announcements about PayPal events as well as insights from our marketing managers to our tech team to our colleagues in finance. We want the blog to be a meeting place for sharing ideas, exchanging information, expressing opinions, discussing suggestions, answering questions, and responding to feedback. PayPal users, developers, buyers, sellers, shopaholics, savers, spenders, and all are encouraged to join the conversation here and at our other networking sites:

  • Facebook – support their fan page as their need more fan to establish
  • LinkedIn



Last word, merry xmas and happy new year to all my friends..enjoy your holidays 🙂

Entrecard finally bought my Entrecard Points

Last nite I received email from PayPal. Entrecard just send 10 USD to my account.

After waiting for a month, they bought my EC credits. Its 1000 EC for 1 USD.Quite cheap but its still easy money. I just earn the credit thru online contest and clicks.


This is a prove that they really meant what they said.Entrecard Cashout do pays 🙂

I’m Back

Hi Guys…

It been sometime I let myself  far far away from blog. Free from thinking about money online, adsense, statistic, visitor, paga rank. No pressure at all. Maybe you should do that sometime.

Ok back to business, I am quite busy last month with my new task. Our big project has started so a lot of brain cells has to use for this project. Why ? Because I have to interface old equipments in a vessel with our navigation system. So I have to do a lot of research and study about signal and manual. Some of  them are really old  and the manufacturer claimed that they have stop produce it 10 years ago.

So a lot of work and testing need to be done to finish the project. After spending hours of looking at boring manual and keep asking my principle, Thanks God. I manage to get the signal and interface it.Wish me luck to complete the project.

I think that’s all about my boring work. Let start talk about blogging, money and PR haha.

Online Update

Rite now, I am using Celcom Broadband for RM 68 monthly. Really cool, now I can online 24 hours. I have to charge my  Nokia N 95 everyday cause of heavy internet usage. So far I have explore a lot of thing with mobile 3G. From Mobile Facebook, Mobile Blogging and Free Call.

There are a lot of  mobile software such as Fring, Nimbuzz and Pixelpipe that we can use to post picture and status online.

Make money with backlink

Seriously if you have one or two blog with PR as low as 1, then Back Link is the answer. Put link at your sidebar and get money thru your PayPal. Uncle G will not notice , don’t worry your PR will be safe.

Just maintain your website with fresh content and dont have to worry about click or traffic. So far I have received up to USD 25 monthly. The payment term is monthly without minimum payout. The advertiser will choose you if your blog is related with their product.

Installation is easy since Backlink has it own plugin for WordPress.

Lastly, enjoy your weekend guysss.. Review

*This is a sponsored post and paid for by*

As a newbie, it will be hard to choose the best web hosting nowadays. As more and more hosting company that emerge on the internet. So how are you going to choose the best webhosting. Is the cheaper one is the best ? or the expensive one ? This is where WebhostingChoice came in handy.

Confuse on Choosing the Right Webhost is your answer, a bit different and looks a lot more appealing then the others that I have seen. On the front page they display a complete summary of the top 10 ranked hosting companies based on their reviews.


What do you want to Host

directory If 10 most top ranking is not enough for you then webhosting review also  categorised and differentiate all hosting including adult hosting. You don’t have to go anywhere else to check about it. Other than that they also provide categories for cheap hosting, business hosting, linux hosting, vps hosting, UK based, e-commerce, and much more.

The bottom line is you have to plan first which category hosting is suitable for your blog or website than you can basically make the comparison for the best services/features that you are most interested in.

In Depth Review

Additional extra feature in webhostingchoice is that they compare the hosts on things such as reliability,customer service, cost to set up, disk space, data transfer and any money back guarantee that they may have. Well if you click on one of the hosts, there is a much more detailed review and these are really helpful and beneficial.

Please refer the image below to check it out :

indepth In Conclusions

Well I can say that  WebHostingChoice offers the best and impressive comparison for hosting and I bet it is the must read web hosting review before you made a choice on hosting.Plus if you are not happy with current hosting, this is also the best place to search for a new one :). Best of luck.

Make Money with your Entrecard Credit

Entrecard Team has introduced a new feature Cash Out Service , where they will offer to buy your EC credit for cash. This service should be available next week as promised by Graham, so you can count how many EC credit you have.


Too bad I have spent most of my 25K EC that I won from in Bazillion contest.:). So I have to drop more from now on.


Actually this Cash Out service is made available to all member after introducing Paid Ads. Paid Ads in Entrecard allow member or non member to advertise on all EC blog.

It’s cheap and you can gain a lot of traffic from it. Although some member object the idea of paid ads, but I believe EC team need money to run their server and pay developer.

So by accepting Paid Ads, we actually support this great service. Entrecard is a great traffic puller, people can say that it is a trash traffic or what so ever.

But I gain a lot of exposure form Entrecard, so i believe I owe them my support.

Anyway, there are certain rules that we have to follow before we are eligible for the cash out service.

Our new community support algorithm is going to determine the priority with which you can cash out your credits. It is also going to eventually help determine your rank in our member directory. The main factors it will take into consideration are:

  1. How many cards you drop / how frequently
  2. % of paid ads you approve
  3. % of Entrecard ads you approve
  4. Listings you create / completed sales in the market
  5. How many credits you transfer to others (indicative of contests, tips, and generosity)
  6. % of credits you spend on Entrecard ads
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