Do you know that you can use Tune Card to activate/register your Google Adwords. Google Adwords is another way to increase your traffic. It is a Pay Per Click, for every click you get you pay to Google.

Google need a credit card, debit card or prepaid visa card as method of payment. There are two ways you can pay for Adwords, either Post Paid or Prepaid.

Google Adwords even have Starter Budget as low as RM 10 per month, so why not try it out. I already register my account with Google Adword and start my first campain.You just pay for every click that you get.It is easy to set up and really cheap.

If you are serious on getting more traffic Google Adwords is the answer. If you have a Google Adwords Account, login and go to this URL

This tool is to do some research on keyword and advertiser.

What I know from this is that how to make money online have high advertiser competition and a relatively moderate search volume. High Advertiser competition means that the Adsense clicks payout will be high thus we will be able to profit from this.

So use your keyword to increase the density of our Adsense in your website.

Or you can use the starter pack to advertise on other website. Choose keyword with less competition but moderate search volume.

A little bit more explanation on Google Adwords

In 2003 Google introduced site-targeted advertising. Using the AdWords control panel, advertisers can enter keywords of interest, and Google offers to place ads on what they claim are relevant sites within their content network. Advertisers then bid on a cost per impression (CPM) basis for placement. Advertisers can also enter domains directly. Google will provide a list of related sites that you can select along with your entered site.

Site targeting campaigns are mainly designed for branding purposes, as the ROI will almost always be considerably lower than a traditional content-targeted campaign. Your ad will take up the entire ad block (as opposed to being 1 of 4 ads in a traditional AdSense ad unit), which will make it more prominent but cost quite a bit more.

The minimum CPM you can set on a Site-Targeted campaign is 25 cents.

Reply from them:


Now that you have activated your Google AdWords account, you will start
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To help you really make the most out of your investment, we have
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