Show Me Your Wife ?

By | October 28, 2008

Salam and Hi to all my friends..

Last month I found out there is a new popular keyword in my blog. I checked through my Nuffnang and totally surprised that I got 128 clicks just from Google Search for “show me your wife”.

horny wife

I never wrote about keywordthat keyword,honestly  until I saw the headlines of my blog in first page of Google Search.My title and blog title mislead all this perverts :). Actually I wrote about my wife blog is popular than me.  I was surprise because I never thought that with that kind of title, reader/horny people will think that my blog is a porn site. Poor them, guys..sorry to disappoint you. This blog is all about making money online and my experience with Google Adsense. If you happen to find nude or explicit image on this blog, then you are very lucky :)

Target High SEO Keyword

Anyway, from the Nuffnang statistic below, my blog received click from several keywords such as tunemoney,MNP, tune card and  CIMB click. All of this come from SEO and organic search. In my blogging experience it is important to target specific keyword to get notice by traffic and Google Bot.Usually first timer traffic that come to your blog will tend to click your ads. As regular Bloggers are Ad blind :)

One of my online friend invested in “Skim Cepat Kaya” such as BuluhMas to target this keyword. His intention just to share his experience. He blog about how he get paid, payment process and prove of payment. When the company is rushed by Bank Negara Malaysia, his blog is jammed with traffic searching for info on BuluhMas. He said this technique is much better than investing in Google Adwords.

Predict the Future

Well I am not asking you to follow his idea because it is quite risky. But at least you get his idea. Target and predict certain keyword that will probably become popular in the future base on your niche. Of course, you need to become expert on that keyword by searching for more related info and if you can, join the keyword  process. For example, if you target MNP keyword , you can blog about your experience on changing your Telco, the process, payment and your feedback.This is a good technique to get high traffic on experience on changing your Telco.

Your reader and visitor will keep coming to your blog to search for more info.Experience is the most valuable content. Your experience will be different with others and that makes it unique. Google love unique content :). So hopefully you can get higher Page Rank by putting more unique content and high traffic.

Finally, Want to see my wife :)

Since I don’t want to disappoint all those readers that click my blog to see my wife, I would like to show you my wife picture.


Like it, hahaha. What this is not my wife ? How do you know ? Ok lah this is Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza, our best singer in Malaysia. . I had a crush on her when she was 16 and listening to her song. Some said my wife face resemble her :). You can check my wife blog at The Other Side Of Me.

I hope my keyword tips can help you plan your next entry on your blog. Remember to be unique and don’t watch Porn. :)

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26 thoughts on “Show Me Your Wife ?

  1. reddebt

    you have crush on her? i think if you propose her early, maybe she interested with you.

    anyway, you really good playing with keyword. huh.. :D

  2. lankapo Post author

    @ reddebt – ya belum cuba belum tahu haha

    @ shaxx – hot keyword yang tak disengajakan hehe

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  4. AkuBetul

    Crush on Siti? Hahaaha…. apa gila.

    About keyword prediction, I believe WIMAX will become major talking point in the next few months or at least early next year.  So, you guys can start write about wimax, packet one, P1, bizsurf, redtone…. etc.

  5. lankapo Post author

    @ akubetul – haha dulu lah, once upon a time. Aku baru jerk nak tulis pasal Wimax ni hehe. 

    @ Bini-garang – ko ni belum kawin ni kan, klu tak takder beraninya ko nek letak tajuk ni hahha
  6. EZ Marketing Tool

    Keywords are how most people will find your blog.  The search engines drive an INCREDIBLE amount of traffic and they “gas” that they use are keywords.

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  12. Jason Liew

    Hi Lankapo,

    true we should use high SEO keyword, but I had a weird problem.
    when I first published 7 posts in my blogger, all of them appeared in the blog main page (because of the default setting 7 posts on main page). a few keywords appeared in google first page result (with my main page URL) and started bring in traffic (yay). however the individual post URL was no where near google first few search pages. it was always my blog main page URL appearing in google.

    so when I posted more articles, all the older ones get ‘pushed back’ from the main page. as a result i lost the old traffic and now even less from the new articles because their keywords r too competitive. my question is how do we make the individual post rank higher than the blog main page. My understanding individual post pages have higher keyword density and keyword proximity. maybe u have some idea? thks.

    <b><a href=””></a></b&gt;

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