My friend used to say “Treat your blog like your shop, your reader as your client and you as a shop owner. As a client, what do you expect when you come to a shop ? “

  1. Easy to find your shop – Join a lot of social networking
  2. Fast Service – Fast loading
  3. Neat and proper arrangements of products – Clean layout
  4. Good customer service – Please reply your user comments 🙂

So, to achieve all of those I have changed my blog layout with less ad,more Adsense oriented and proper arrangements. Actually, a friend of mine, Adi gave a few comments on this making money online blog as I requested here .He said my site was messy with lot of useless ad and affiliate. So I took his advice and do a makeover to my site immediately.

First of all, I remove all my useless ad and affiliate which not performed as I expected. Why make your site snail loading with many ads and affiliates which scare your customer away and not making money out of it. So far the only ads that performed well and do make money online are Google Adsense and Nuffnang. Hence I concentrate more on this two source of income by placing it at upper level of this site too gain more clicks and exposure.

After already reach my first USD 100 , I decided not to do anymore Paid Per Post :), for real. Before this I was quite desperate to make money online so Paid Post is the only way for me. I would never thought that I would make money using Google Adsense and even reach that 100USD mark. Since my earning for the last year only 5 cents per day.It just too hard to increase traffic and get click. But after reading a lot of e-books learn the right techniques,read forum and asked opinion and advice from Top Problogger , it is not that hard to make money on Google Adsense.

So why make a Paid Post worth USD5 if you can earn it within a day without doing nothing. A part from getting PR slap from Google (which make this site PR 0), with Paid Post your blog will lost your originality and tend to scare your reader.

Thanks Adi for your comments.Hopefully with this new optimised layout I will reach my next USD 100 within a month heheh. Wish me luck guys.