While I browsing in DP Forum. I found out one catchy title

Check Out my HUGE Adsense Checks ($30,000 to $50,000).

The author claimed that he made thousands of money from Adsense. Just check this image below

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Seriously, as newbie in Making Money Online, of course I am impressed. With 5000 clicks per day. I would dream to have that huge income. However, this fellow did not convinced other expert members in DP. They easily identify the screenshot are fake and only Photoshop job 🙂 One of the member question his link color which did not change.

Why are your links still blue? Google has a “a:link visited code of purple” if it is still blue that means you’ve never clicked any of your links on your account. superotang

It turns out that this fellow want to sell his e-books, and he was caught red handed when one of the member captured his post complaining his income from Adsense is only USD 1.50 🙂

Moral of the story

  1. Please! if you wanted to scam people, please don’t post your fake screenshot at expert forum
  2. Once you were caught red handed faking your Adsense income, you reputation will be down under
  3. If you are honest and determine, the money will come sooner or later