Last month I received a phone call from TM asking me to pay my overdue phone and Streamyx bill. If not they will suspend my Streamyx account the next day. So the next morning, I switched on my laptop and surfed to Maybank2u and paid the bill online as usual. Then in the evening, my wife called and she told me that the internet was down. I was surprised since I have already paid the bill nearly the full amount, so I called TM Customer Service.

Sorry We Did Not Receive Your Money

The guy told me, they did not receive my payment. I explained to him that I already paid through Maybank2u this morning. Then he asked me to give my payment reference number. He said that my account will be activated in 1 – 7 days. I said to him, 7 days are you kidding me. I cannot live without internet for 24 hours. Before I started to burst my disappointment, he immediately offered his help to activate my account in 24 hours. That sounded fair enough.

The next morning, still my Streamyx account was not activated. However, in the evening my wife called with joyful mood since Streamyx was already online.So next time, pay your overdue bills cash at TM center to avoid delay from the online activation. In other words pay your bill on time :).

Wireless Broadband

Actually, I wanted to change my Unlimited Merdeka Package RM 79 per month to a much cheaper package. Unfortunately my agreement with TM said that I have to use the Merdeka Package for 2 years which will end on next October 2009. Reason ? I wanted to subscribe to Wireless Broadband so that I would still have coverage even though when I go back to my hometown. I only use my Unlimited Streamyx at night after work or during weekend, which by the way, I would be out most of the time visiting my relatives or shopping.

I just want to be broadband efficient and not wasting my bandwidth :). It actually occurs to my mind to switch to Maxis /Celcom Wireless Broadband but maybe next year…