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At first I was against her  cheap fee because it’s not worth her effort. Can you imagine with RM 30, you can get 3 entry permonth to advertise your business and 125×125 banner. But she have her own reason. She did for fun and just love to write.

She already got 2 clients and she is really excited about it. The main reason I want to write about her effort because, all payment will be made through my Maybank account. Hahaha. You know why? Because she don’t want people to know her real name. Haha. You know la women nowdays.

Anyway I want to praise her effort on making money online. She always focus. So as long as it make money, I will always support her. Keep it up dear.

So anybody want to advertise, please leave a message or go to her blog. Aleeya01.

That’s all for now.