Minimal Usage

I decided to potong my phone line and Streamyx last February. Well the main reason is because me and my wife already have  Celcom Broadband. So paying for a another Broadband is a waste of money. Plus beside surfing Facebook, I only read emails, chat online and read Malaysikini news..

Yes I know, TM have new package deal, cheap with Wifi modem. But we want to move out  and too many broadband is not good for your health :).

Well I got to thanks to Streamyx for the last 2 years service. I learn a lot from making money online, latest update on tech and etc.

As always, Internet is a window to everything. You can search and learn anything you want to know.

Not so 3G

Without streamyx at home, there are some disadvantages. Slow connection with Celcom BB as 3G connection is not stable in my area. But as long as I can check my emails and FB then its fine wih me.

However, due to slow connection me and my wife can spend more time together rather than both of us wacthing our laptops all the time. 🙂 Of course, Damia will be happier as her papa and mummy can play with her now rather paying with her ELmo and Mashimaro:).

Practical Mobile


For lite user like me, Celcom BB  is  more practical. I can use with my Nokia N95. Chat using e-buddy (consist of YM, GTalk, MSN & FB chat), check my  FB, and online chat with my Princple.= when facing problem during outstation at site.

So i just pay for RM 68 and can be online almost everywhere.

Now everything is going mobile version. From FB to Malaysiakini. When the TM staff tried to convince me to grab their latest promotion. I smile and said, Its not the speed that I am not happy , its just I dont use it that much to pay RM 220++. (2BB and Streamyx)