Maybank Visa Debit Card vs Tune Card Visa Prepaid


[UPDATE : This Post is no longer VALID since Maybank has improved their Debit Card Service. Please refer my latest post regarding Maybank Debit Card. Thanks ]

maybank-visa-debit-card VS tunecard

Hi guys,

I read in the net that Maybank launched a new Maybank Visa Debit Card, I said WOW! that would be great since I have a saving account with them.So, I am expecting free service, easy top up and more shopping at the Internet.   I am glad more local banks start offering Visa debit card facility.

Steven Wong has made a summary about this new card :

To review whether this Visa debit card compatible to PayPal withdrawal, I spend sometimes to read on Maybank website, and here is the quick summary for your info:

  • Max daily withdrawal limit: RM5,000.
  • Daily accumulated purchase limit is RM500 and you can increase it anytime via bank’s ATM or over the counter branches to RM5,000.
  • First four withdrawal is FREE while a service charge of RM0.50 per transactions per card chargeable from the fifth cash withdrawal transaction onwards per month. However, service charge will be waived if your savings or current account has a balance of above RM5,000 at the time of withdrawal or the withdrawal amount is RM1,500.
  • Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

  1. Maybank’s Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each
  2. MEPS network: RM1 each
  3. Visa Plus Network: RM12 each
  • Existing Maybank ATM card holders can convert their cards with the one time cost of RM12. It is also the same cost for card replacement.

  • However, if you used up to 7 years (upon the expiry date, you will get the replacement at FOC).

  • Earn 1 TreatPoint for every RM3 purchases.

  • No annual fees, monthly interest rates or late charges.

So, since I am a Tune Card user plus have a Maybank saving account, I think it would be good if I compare this two card, rite ?

Below is a brief comparison of our very own Tune card Prepaid Visa Card vs Visa-branded debit card

maybank-visa-debit-card 6511
Product Maybank Visa Debit Card Tune Card Visa Prepaid
Charge/Fees – Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

Maybank’s Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each

MEPS network: RM1 each

Visa Plus Network: RM12 each

Annual fee ; RM 9.99

RM 2 only for Top Up at CIMB Bank, POS Malaysia and BSN

RM 1.15 withdrawals at CIMB ATM machine

RM0.50 only for online top up

Internet Transaction No Yes
Top Up Maybank Only Maybank2u,CIMB and POS office


I better stick with Tune Visa Prepaid Card, Why ? As you can see it is more flexible and Internet friendly. The most important thing is you can withdraw your PayPal money with it.:)

By the way, you can use Maybank ATM card in Petronas Petrol Pump and selected Supermarket so why Maybank want to promote this Debit card instead. I think their business idea for this Debit card is weak because you don’t want to go abroad only carrying debit card right?. At least you must have a spare credit card for emergency.

For me, debit card or Prepaid card is only suitable for Internet transaction. Buy ticket,hosting,domain and eBay online. So if maybank overlook this thing than their debit card will be nowhere compared to by Tune Prepaid Visa Card.

Several feedback that I got :

1. The question now is: Can Maybank Visa Debit cards compatible to PayPal withdrawal? I search on the web and try to find any review on that, unfortunately, there is no review so far. The closest was Uncle FL Sam on his withdrawal to Maybank Visa Credit Card.

So, I called up this morning to Maybank Customer Service to find out the details. The Maybank staff that I spoke to also not sure whether it is workable. After 20 minutes checking and waiting, she told me “NO” for PayPal withdrawal. steven wong

2. I try to add MBB Visa Debit card with Paypal, its not work. The following message will appear…

“This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.”  zahidi


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  • Hello Lankapo,

    Thanks for the hightlight on my Maybank Visa Debt Review. I am also excited to read from you that, Tune Card actually ABLE to use for PayPal withdrawal.

    Thank for the info,
    Steven Wong

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  • interesting review. thank you for making it. tunecard seem to be more interesting. maybank visa debit card sound so crap!

  • hi steven,
    thanks to you too for the review
    it’s up to you now

  • But to withdraw from maybank atm machine it’s free for the first 4 times in a month, subsequent withdrawal will cost 0.50… Yup it does suck that maybank debit card does not support for paypal withdrawal. But a bit of info la, I just call them to ask if they are planning to allow internet transaction and they answer that they will allow it after June this year.

    karulann’s last blog post..A different kind of feeling going back to KL

  • I’ve just applied Maybank’s visa credit card for the purpose of PayPal withdrawal. I hope there would be any problem with it. Lankapo, based on your article, there shouldn’t be any problems right?

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  • I can i use Tunemoney Prepaid visa card to deposit my money to ANY FOREX BROKER?, Plz help……..

  • sksee,

    I will give you solid proof that Maybank debit card wont work for paypal or internet transaction, just visit here


    I am not sure since I never try forex, but if it is internet transaction, then Tune Card should be no problem

  • thx for the info..i change my mbb card for internet purpose..never make a its all wasting…aiyoooo

  • helpermaster,

    hehe sorry to hear that, but as Karulan said, internet transaction will be available after June. Just wait and see

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  • i hope u guys read this comment.

    It maybe off topic … but Maybank actually charges RM0.50 for every ATM withdraw after 2nd withdraw in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is outrageous! You can check on your bank book … it’s perfectly written in a very very small font.

    Funny is, other local banks do not make this scrupulus rule.

  • I noticed that paypal said “you can withdraw paypal to any debit card, credit card or prepaid card with Visa logo”.
    I am interested at the “credit card” part. Has anyone withdraw into a credit card? How does it work compared to debit card?
    I had one Matta Visa Credit Card from EON Bank. I had entered it successfully into paypal withdrawal options without any error, but I am still skeptical if it really works!

    Any ideas?

  • Thanks lankapo, i can deposit my forex with tunemoney…hehehehehe….

  • I’ve personally tried up for maybank visa debit card. The answer is “NO” for paypal withdrawal. i’ve no idea why is it so, as they claimed it is a visa debit card. i wonder why there are difference standard for maybank to their debit visa card.

  • To conformed that tunemoney VISA card can withdraw money from PayPal account.

  • hi mc,

    thanks for the conformity 🙂

  • Actually I asked Maybank and they said Internet transactions will only be activated from next month onwards. At this moment, you cant buy anything online using this card because the bank has not activated this feature, which is one of the reason you get error on Paypal.

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  • but it’s a bit unfair to pay RM2 each time to top up the money.
    i dint see any other debit card need to charge for this:(

  • LC,

    just use Tune Card, top up online only RM 0.50

  • is Maybank Debit card available to the Philippines ???

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  • mchairi mustafa

    where does it say they charge for top up for mbb debit visa?
    did  I miss it somewhere.

  • ahaha, LMAO .. I just tried the Internet transaction and it failed! The credit card has not been active. T.T

  • how to apply

  • i tried to top up online but failed.
    feel a bit inconvenient.

  • if topup at cimb, need to go to counter or cash deposit machine also can?

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  • aiya…i just apply the Maybank debit card and it cost me rm12,
    actually I just renew a card because of forgotten password, now total waste of rm24 already , oh my god!
    I should read your blog earlier mar..
    I want to withdraw money from paypal,
    is true that paypal doesnt accept maybank debit card,
    may I know how and where to apply TUne card?

  • @ carol – hehe you should read my blog. Anyway, as far as I know, Maybank Debit Card is not ready for online transaction and to withdraw money from paypal. Some say will be ready by this August, but nobody confirm about that.

    As for Tune Card, you can apply online at

    1.Fill in the form
    2. Remember all your id,password and 3 answer to your secret question (better to write it)
    3. reload your tune card using maybank2u can relaod manually at POS office,CIMB and BSN.
    4. After 7 working days, pick up your card at your selected POS office.
    5. Activate it 🙂

    then you can use it .
    more info/tips please visit

  • okay, great to have you prompt and supportive reply,
    I just through the website of tunemoney, sound good.
    but withdraw will charges..
    first time apply fee, how much in total?>
    is it rm9.90 plus rm3 pos office fee
    = total or rm12.90?
    i planning that I only wihtdrawn the money after my paypal transfer a big amount to it. so only charge rm1.15 one time ..

  • @ carol – thanks, just reload RM 50 (min) using maybank2u. They will deduct RM 9.90 per year. RM 3 for pick up at POS office.So total -RM 12.90

    for Foreign Exchange / Conversion Fee: + 0.5%  not much I think

    Yes Rm 1.15 at CIMB ATM  per transaction.
    Why bother to withdraw the money from ATM, you can use it what..
    I pay for my daughter swing at Carrefour using Tune Card.

  • oh..sound not bad. I will apply later..but just now if not mistaken i read a part said that for first 4 withdrawer, then fifth will charge..i forget what is that, now i cant find it .. ==’

  • @ carol – that one is for Maybank Debit Visa Card.

  • Is great to have TuneMoney!
    and it’s easier to Top-up also!
    and the charge is for as low as RM 0.50 only!
    better stick to TuneMoney!

  • @ cold-fire – thanks for the recommendation hehe

  • nik ariffin bin kasim


  • Hi, anyone try verify ebay with Public Bank debit card?
    I have Public Bank Saving account, so i apply a debit card from them,
    but sigh..have to wait two weeks!
    I afraid after two weeks, I only found that the card cannot use to verify ebay. Any idea?
    or I need to apply Tune Money while waiting?
    Tune money really works in ebay?
    Pls advise, Thanks 🙂

  • hi carol – Public Bank Debit card can be use for internet transaction  as far as I know la. So wont be a problem to verify for ebay.

  • oh..ok, thanks for the prompt reply..I have to patiently wait for it …two weeks..

  • right now, i just prefer with tunemoney. Not have problem anymore.

  • I think I needly one tune money ..

  • Hi Bro,

    How fast it takes to transfer fund from PayPal to Tunemoney account so far you experienced? TIA

  • @ kotoh – 3- 4 days bro

  • Thanks Bro,

    That’s great, less than 5 days. I just received my tune card yesterday and waiting 4 the PIN number. I think RM 1.15 per cash withdraw is quiet reasonable… well, cash is still the best.

    BTW, is it can  be use as a credit card? I mean, just swept and sign the receipt? Is it accepted as long as VISA logo is shown by shop etc? Sorry for the machine gun question, but TIA Bro.

    • kotoh,

      1. great to hear that, remember to activate your card before you use it ok.You can read at my on how to activate it.

      2. Of course it can be use like a credit card provided visa logo is displayed, but remember to relaod the Tune Card with enough cash :). I bought my daughter’s swing at Carrefour Alamanda Putrajaya using Tune Card 🙂

  • Help…I calling tune money but I been waitd for more than half and hour but still no body answer me!!!
    what is going on there?
    Yesterday I try bank in , I request tac once from Maybank, but I wait so long my hp still dint received the sms, then I click again, who know, the page become ” transaction failed”..oh no i duno what to do,
    so I send email to them , tell them my problem but nobody reply me, today I call up lo, no people answer ler..our assistant are currently busy, you will be attended shortly..keep repeat…aiyo…anyone tell me what to do now?
    should I email the manger?

  • carol,
    ok calm down my friend.

    1. how did u relaod, online using maybank2u is it?
    if the transaction failed, please check your balance to see if Tune Money already deducted the amount or not ?

    2. If your money is still there, then try to reload it again :).

    According to your story, you have problem with maybank2u rite not tune money.Make sure your browser allow pop up from tunemoney.

  • no la..i am ok, no need calm down hehe..
    I follow the instruction all, follow until the bank in part,
    and they make me log in to my maybank account.
    bcos I thought that the tac didn’t sending so I click on it again lo.
    now my username already taken, but i cant login to my account,
    so do I check my ordering status?
    who should I contact ?

  • carol,

    can u give me you hp number, YM id or msn so that I can talk or advise. SO hard lah to explain here.

    U have the card or not ? Or you just want to register ?


  • never i try email to the boss, heard that the staff always more busy than the boss.

  • will come back update again, thanks lankapo, you are very helpful!
    Tune money should feel proud to have you this supporter! :p

  • Hei Bro, Just wanna tell you that Tunemoney.Com is really fast. I transfer PayPal fund into it on 14.08.08 and received it yesterday (16.08.08). Sharp 3 days!! You are absolutely right!! Thanks Bro… I got to go… wanna cash it out. Received my PIN yesterday too… ho… ho…

  • kotoh-
    glad to hear that… 🙂

  • hi lankapo..i found that my account deduct rm80 already.
    but i duno what to do..i dun dare login because i left one last attempt only.. it i now have to wait for the card? ..sorry for bothering you again ??Thanks for helping ^^

  • hi carol,
    the best way is to call tune money CS. As I mentioned before you have to write down your all you answer and password and id.

    hope it helps. if failed try to visit tune money ceo blog, 🙂

  • Oh..yes, i get response from tune money this email.
    they said problem have been solved.
    cant wait for the tune money card 😛
    Thanks lankapo for all the support .

  • Hahaha…that’s mean Maybankard Visa Debit just the same as BSN Matrix card, both are useless online business!

  • @ Herman,
    I could not agree more hehehe. Debit card that is not for internet transaction is useless.

  • @ carol
    Good to hear that. Glad that i can offer a little help. See you around 🙂

  • i just wanna ask whether tune debit card is available for petrol pump?

  • @ John Doe,
    Yup, You can use Tune Card at petrol pump, just make sure you have enough balance, about RM 250- Rm 300

  • its meant that if i have below 250-300..then i cant able to pay for fuel?why?

  • you still can use it but you have to pay at the counter. If you wnat to use it at the pump, then yes you have to have balance Rm 250 – Rm 300

  • I actually intend to apply maybank debit card…but after read ur blog, i decided to apply tune money card. But do we really need to collect our card at post office? can we ask them to post the card to us? and if i want to terminate the card in future? do we need to be charge any fees or going through wat procedure?

  • @ Witch – welcome to my blog..:).

    1. Yes, no other choice, that is the only method that Tune Money use. Please remember your ID,password and 3 answer for secret questions. Write it somewhere. Many people always forgot their id and password when they receive the card.

    Just select the nearest post office at your house or office. Collect it after 7 working days. You will be charged RM 3 upon collection.

    2. You will be charged RM 3 for the cancellation fee. Anyway why are  you thinking about termination before applying :). What are you going to use Tune Card for ? Shopping or making money online ?

  • hahaha..thanks for your answer….of coz need to think further more…. i going to use Tune card online shopping……can make money online using it?how?can u teach me?

  • @ witch – aiyark..:) want to teach you ha, go to pay maa hehe.
    1 step, you got to have a blog.
    2nd step, post entry stuff that you like to write
    3rd step, make your friend,family,online friend visit your blog everyday 🙂
    4th You can make money online through Nuffnang, Google Adsense,PayPerPost.
    5. PayPal is your international bank, where you can receive money and pay to other international blogger and advertiser.Sign up now, its free.

    So for a start,

    Write a blog,
    register for mybloglog and blog catalog to increase traffic,
    get a Tune Card
    sign up for PayPal.

    Hope it helps 🙂

  • oic…thanks a lot…..

  • i have tune credit card and paypal balance, but i just read what happened to this blogger

    Now as we know, tune do not issue a statement to us, so if paypal block the account while waiting for a credit card statement to verify, HOW? any ideas.

    Its best to use prepaid as then the cash is cash, not cash advance. I have Next G which verified my account but have not tried to withdraw on it, apparently you cant.

  • oh ok, just found out, hard copy is available, so no problem there

    • @ Justin – Hi Justin, welcome to my blog. Tune Card also provide online statement. If you have verify your PayPal account using your Next G, just add your Tune Card.

      You can easily cash out your money from PayPal and the process will take about 3 days. You can use the Tune Card for shopping or withdraw at CIMB ATM.

  • Hi, i just verified my Tune Card yesterday, but stil doesnt show up on my statement, so i dont have the 4  number. Do you know how long it will take?

  • @ Justin – Did you verify your paypal using Tune Card ? Ok. It usually take 2 or 3 days. Dont worry the number will be there.

    More info visit my tune card blog : where to find your PayPal verification

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  • so do u mean any debit card cant be used to do online transactions? only tune money can?

  • @ blackfish – there a few debit cards that are proven for online transaction such as Public Credit card, Al Rahji Debit Card and Tune Card. But one thing for sure Maybank debit card still cannot be use for online transaction.

  • Woow i dont know Tune card so good. I just bang there bang here looking for something that can transfer my paypal money. I think i want to apply
    US bank to transfer paypal money.

  • Hello, Lankapo. I just had my Tunecard for a few days. I used it for internet payments. However, just in this short period,  I encountered problem in using the service. After a few online purchasing,  I checked my account online, my account balance reached negative value. When Iast check on three days ago, it was -RM245 and I checked again today it become -RM355. I Tried to email tunemoney customer service, but they didn’t reply. I wonder, as this card is a prepaid card (debit card), how can this happen? Any suggestion? Thank you.

  • @ Lee – heehe now u know.

    @ Tunecardnew user – rilex bro, sometime the system have some glitch. So don’t worry. I experienced that also. Then it wil turn to normal.
  • Thanks bro..

  • i hope u have receive my message before. can tune card use to buy flight ticket online such as from ryanair, easyjet, ect.?

  • @ farah_182 – I dah reply email u. Hope u read it. 

    Tune Card can be use for online internet transaction either to buy hosting,e-bay and flight ticket. As long as their accepts visa for payment 🙂
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  • now maybank debit card can accept online internet you can use your maybank debit card to buy domain names,to buy hosting,or even to verify your paypal.Thanks to Maybank.

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  • hi, is that true that RM 1.15 withdrawals at CIMB ATM machine?
    nowadays still RM1.15 at work? coz i plan to withdraw my tunemoney money? can tell

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  • FU*K YOU LA!! If dunno do not simple make conclusions.
    I hv the maybank card and use it everyway on paypal or internet transactions!!!!dude

  • i think the best way for internet transaction in malaysia is via RHB visa card. I already have one since it has bundle up with + great !!! soo whenever i wish to do internet transaction i will transfer my money into RHB account. the do the internet transaction. RHB is the best for internet transanction. also worked for paypal withdrawal. i have been using paypal for more than 10 years. and only nowadays that i found a local bank that uses saving+visa+paypal. very great bundle of product.

    • @Mohddiah,

      I am not sure about RHB is the best solution for online payment and internet transaction. Maybank is not that bad too. As for PayPal topup, I dont think it should be a big issue. You can always topup your debit card and PayPal will automatic charged your debit card. You can always transfer your money from PayPal to local bank in Malaysia. Anyway my point is as long as you feel comfortable with and it aint broke so why chance to something else. 🙂

  • See the work around for the Maybank ATM on skip the RM0.50 charging at