Last year I just ditched Text Link Ads (TLA) since my PR is slapped to 0. Uninstall its plug in and removed its ad. For this 2008, I am looking at new advertising network that can make money online safely, 🙂 without being detected by Uncle G.

And you know what, is the answer. Why ? Just read and enjoy


What is ?


Another Goggle Adsense ,TLA Clone ? No…Its a combination of both.

or as TNX’s own site describes it : combines the benefits of Contextual Advertising, Text Link Brokers and Relevant Exchange of permanent non-reciprocal text links.

Explain ?


Simple, TNX do not only offer a great way for advertisers to place contextual ads, but webmasters and publishers can benefit from selling links. They can use their ‘points’ to place text link ads on other sites.

TNX’s system works on a points system, where higher Page Rank need more points  to buy links to advertise on their sites. The buying and selling links is very flexible and cost effective. For example one text link can be purchased for just 1 point, with 1,000 points available for just over a dollar.In order to get more traffic, you need to buy more links.

You should note that TNX have indexed over 24 000 members global and with a database of over 33,500,000 pages, so by choosing the right  category is a best way to distinguish you from other site.

There are also a few option that you can use in order to buy your link or advertise :

  • Yahoo Backlinks: You can see statistic from yahoo back links
  • Geo-targetting: You can choose to appear in certain country due to its language
  • Google PageRank: Gain  benefit from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  by buying link from higher Page Ranks

One simple guide, don’t always target higher PageRank, you can also buy Page Rank 0 site as it always grow to PageRank 3 to 5. Analyse the PageRank 0 site first, in term of content quality,comments and how frequent the author post an entry.


Make Money Selling Links On Your Blog


In order for you to add your site at TNX, there are 2 simple rules

  • Website must be indexed by Google search engine.
  • NO FREE web-hosting services that do not support PHP, Perl or ASP, ASPX

So, you must use your own domain and your own hosting.Then , you must insert a TNX code for TNX spider to index your site within 1-3 days.After that, you site are ready to other Advertiser.

You can choose up to 4 keyword to be displayed on a page at a time, which will maximise the oppurtinity for you to earn more money.You can start earning TNX point once ads start appearing on your site.You can use these points to cash in at anytime for dollars, or you can use to buy more  links on other site.

Instant Bonuses

Every time you sign up a new site and get approved, you’ll get 3000 points as a bonus .You will get another 2, 000 points if you head off to the DP forums post, and paste your ID .

Note:Offer for a limited period.

Let’s do some math here,
3 000 + 2,000 = 5,000 points = $ 3.3

But I suggest you to use it to buy links :). It’s better to use it to increase traffic to your site to generate more income.


Lifetime Referral Scheme


A newly launched Referral Scheme, is an interesting affiliate program where you will receive 13.3% of all “TNX-points”, he/she will earn in the future. Is this a lifetime payment ? YUP, so you can generate substantial income by referring to your friends and network.


My 2 cents :


To earn more, you got to back to basic. TRAFFIC ! So , Please make sure your site is in good condition, healthy and clean. : ).