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This entry is to create awareness among us that these fraudsters will become more creative to get your bank account number, PIN and password. Last time they use Petronas and Akademi fantasia as a bait. This time they use Bank Negara as their latest trick.

The latest modus operandi of the scam is as below:

1. Victim will receive a telephone call from a ‘bank’ to confirm a credit card transaction for the purchase of goods made oversea to be charged on the victim’s credit card. If you don’t have that particular bank’s credit card, they will convince you to believe that someone use your identity to apply for card credit. This will be depending on how much info they have about you.

2. Then the fraudster will advice victim to call Bank Negara Malaysia’s “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu”.  The fraudster will provide the phone number off course!. The fraudster accomplice aka Bank Negara “officer” will entertain victim. At this stage, the Bank Negara “officer” will request for bank account details, PIN number and other information in order to illegally transfer out form the victim’s account. There are victim who even tranfer all their money to third party  account for “safe keeping”. yeah rite!


  • There is no department called “Unit Kad Kredit Palsu” in Bank Negara Malaysia
  • 03-2772-XXXX is not a Bank Negara Malaysia telephone line – How are we supposed to know  : (

For more information on financial scams activities, visit the financial fraud alert site at Members of the public may contact or visit:

BNMTELELINK (Customer Contact Centre)
Tel: 1-300-88-5465
Fax: (03)2174 1515
Email: [email protected]


That is the first rule if you are in any situation. Confirm the source. Bare in mind, Bank will not ask your Bank Account details and PIN either in telephone or email. Please don’t simply transfer money to any 3rd party for safekeeping, this is ridiculous!.

Maybe for us with 24hours access to internet and media plus knowledgeable would be easy to say. But don’t be surprise that some of the victims are executive and not all are pakcik and makcik in kampung.