Discovering Effective Forex Strategies


A lot of companies are promoting their amazing, foolproof forex strategies these days, but how many of them actually work? It’s hard to answer this question without taking an extensive research and even then you might not have the perfect answer. So, how do you start trading forex with the strategy that works? Which Forex Strategies Can Make You Money? […]

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Bank Transfer from Akara TEB Bank to Maybank Kuala Lumpur


Finally, I have found a solution to my problem sending money from Ankara Turkey to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Problem Solved Guess what? Remember when I asked about Bank Transfer from TEB Bank to Maybank, the TEB lady said it will cost me USD 100. So I decided not to use Bank transfer and focus on Western Union. Until recently one […]

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CIMB Travel Currency with Elizabeth Tan


During my online transaction with CIMBClick, I usually ignore CIMB advertisement. Not until I saw Elizabeth Tan with a travel bag and a guitar. She is a new singer in Malaysia and popular for her song “Knock, Knock”. At first, I thought that the ad is about Travel Insurance because there is no dollar or euro symbol on the ad. […]

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