How To Use WhatsApp Web Online on Chrome Browser

Hi everyone, I just want to show you guys on how to setup your WhatsApp on your computer. It is easy to setup your WhatsApp Web Online. You just need Chrome browser and latest WhatsApp. Most Awaited Features : WhatsApp Web WhatsApp announcement on WhatsApp Web is a big relief as more user tend to… Read More »

How To Buy Domain from Google Domains outside US

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How To Download Video from Youtube and Facebook | KeepVid

Hello Guys, Today I would like to do some tutorial on How To Download Video from Youtube/Facebook or Vimeo using KeepVid. Well it’s actually a video tutorial using Desktop Recorder in my Lubuntu 14.10. Since it is easy to use KeepVid, so i just show in a video. Easy Download as ABC Let say you… Read More »

How To Link Domain .my myNIC to WordPress

Today I would like to do a Tutorial on How To Link Your Domain .my to WordPress Blog. This tutorial is useful particularly when you just bought a new from myNIC during a promotion and want to link it to one of your wordpress blog. In my experience, linking common domain such as .com… Read More »