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Marketing or Sales? Which is right for you?

lankapo On January - 31 - 2012

If the field of Marketing has always held allure for you, then Marketing Assistant Job Description might be something you would be interested to check out to get started in this industry. A marketing assistant is expected to shoulder responsibility for a successful marketing campaign. A marketing assistant would be expected to contribute in all […]

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Beware of African Internet Scammer

lankapo On January - 5 - 2012

Student or Conman Lately, Malaysian Immigration and Police has increased their raid to nab illegal African. From internet fraud to drug trafficking and messing with the local girl you just name it, the problem that their brought in here. Their modus operandi is simple, travel to Malaysia using student visa and find as much victim as their […]

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Between Raspberry Pi and Netbook 1Malaysia

lankapo On January - 3 - 2012

So Small and Cheap Do you ever imagine that one day, you can fit your computer into your wallet ? That is what David Braben trying and I believe already achieved. A computer with a size of credit card and so cheap around $25 – $35. The price is depending on how much RAM you […]

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Thank You Gift from Blackberry

lankapo On December - 24 - 2011

What I like about December are holidays and free gifts. That is why Blackberry present a Thank You Gift as a token of  appreciation to all Blackberry user. There are 16 premium applications for you to download. Just open your latest App World 3.1 in your Blackberry, and go to Thank You Gift. You can download for […]

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Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Trailer)

lankapo On December - 22 - 2011

This trailer just made my day. Siri can be deadly. You can run but you cannot hide from Siri: The iPhone killer..hehe So if you have iPhone 4s, you should watch this movie to be released this summer haha.

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NJOI Free Satellite TV Service by ASTRO

lankapo On December - 22 - 2011

When I read that Astro is going to launch new satelite TV Service, I thought Astro is goig to launch a new satellite to the sky. ; ) Ok I was wrong there. FREE SATELLITE TV, so what will you need ? off course,  a decoder and satellite dish . Meaning you need to register and pay to […]

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Download Firefox 9.0 Now

lankapo On December - 21 - 2011

After Opera release 11.60, now Mozilla has released their latest Firefox 9.0 web browser for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. You can download the final version of Mozilla Firefox 9.0 on the official FTP site of the Mozilla company.

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Make Easy Money with Facebook

lankapo On December - 19 - 2011

I am not kidding you. This has been done by a lot of scammer here in Malaysia. They are making a lot of money by using Facebook. All you need are a lot of sexy picture and sweet talking ability. Because men are easy to control when we know what they want. Offer them something that they don’t want to refuse and […]

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Make DraftSight work with Ubuntu 11.10

lankapo On December - 17 - 2011

DraftSight for me is the best replacement for AutoCad. But when Ubuntu user upgrade to 11.10, they will face problem when  installing DraftSight. There is some problem with dependency .   However, there is easy fix for that just install manually the dependency package from Ubuntu. So if you want DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.10 32bit […]

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Update your Calendar 2012 with Google Calendar

lankapo On December - 17 - 2011

2012 is just around the corner. Time fly so fast. Are you ready for 2012 ? Be organize and plan your holidays by updating your Google Calendar with Malaysia’s Public Holiday for 2012. With Google Calendar not only you can update Malaysia’s Public Holiday, but also from other country like Europe and Asia. You also […]

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SSM Profiles via SMS (e-Info Mobile enhancement)

lankapo On December - 16 - 2011

Back in April I wrote an entry on How to Purchase ROC and ROB Profile at SSM E-Info. Now, you can purchase ROC and ROB profiles via sms. Please log into SSM e-info to start using the new method. So you maybe you kinnda blur about this SSM e-info, maybe you can read information below : SSM “e-Info” Services What is […]

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